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By: Allsafe Direct  09-12-2011
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An Introduction

HighStep is a newly invented access method for high work places on all kind of buildings, pylons, masts, wind turbines etc. The system consists of 2 components: the aluminum rail and the portable climbing gear.

The rail is installed over the total desired height of the structure and, after mounting, it remains permanently attached. The user is able to fix his portable climbing gear on the rail quickly and with minimal effort.

The system's design can be equated to a railroad, where the tracks never change while the vehicles that travel along it evolve constantly. In much the same way, the HighStep Rail is highly sustainable and remains unchanged in the future. Currently the rail can be used with two climbing devices, namely an apparatus for a safe manual climbing, the HighStep Easy with Protector, and the world's first portable elevator, the HighStep Lift.

Other apparatus is planned for release in the future covering a wider gamut of functions, for example material transport (lift), cabin lift or a working platform. Moreover, future self-operating devices are envisioned which will run on the rail for specialized applications, bringing a camera to the top of a mast for inspections as an example. In this case no person would be required to climb up.

Advantages and Benefits

Improved Safety

Falls from ladders account for a high percentage of work related injuries and fatalities. This can be understood when one considers that the basic design of ladders and principle of climbing have not changed since the time of the Pharaohs. The HighStep System represents a new approach to climbing, making it physically and ergonomically easier for the climber and also much safer. At all times the user is permanently secured to the rail in multiple locations and slipping or losing one's footing is virtually impossible. Additionally, the likelihood of equipment misuse is almost eliminated since the rail can only be climbed using HighStep gear.

Superior Ergonomics

It is no secret that conventional ladders were not designed with the user's comfort in mind. One is unable to climb upright, is constantly hanging on his arms, and must conform his climbing style to a uniform stepping height between rungs, all leading to prompt exhaustion on all but the shortest climbs. With HighStep, the user remains upright as if standing on a rest platform. The arms are never strained and stepping height is individually chosen. Manually climbing with the HighStep system is akin to taking a flight of stairs, and longer climbs may be assisted by the HighStep Lift, the world's first portable elevator.

Caters to Workplace Demographics

It is a simple fact that some of the most experienced workers are also some of the oldest. Many have problems with their joints or back and, despite being highly experienced, are forced to retire from working at height and relocated to other assignments. The HighStep System, with its ergonomic design, minimizes stress on the climber. In the long term, companies can expect a return on their investment as employees are allowed to continue working in the field for longer periods of time.

Reduced Investment Costs

The HighStep System allows employees to reach high work places safely and easily while saving the employer money. The HighStep Rail is made out of aluminum which is inexpensive and easy to handle. The Rail is connected to the structure at an average distance of 3 m, meaning a reduction in installation material and time required. The Rail is maintenance free, optimizing operating costs. The climbing accessories are meant to be highly portable, allowing relatively few to be purchased to be used on a large network of Rails.

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Keywords: Rail

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