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By: AllMax Software  09-12-2011
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Synexus™ is a comprehensive, user-friendly pretreatment data management and reporting software application that enables users to easily accept and regulate industrial flows and generate reports. Originally, Synexus was the pretreatment software included in the suite of Operator10® wastewater and water applications. It has been re-engineered using the latest Microsoft® technology for improved performance and feature set and is no longer part in the Operator10 package. The integrity and functionality of the software has not changed. However, the over-all appearance and many of the existing features have been enhanced dramatically:

  • More consistency, increased efficiency and ease of use.
  • A single database to store information, allowing data from multiple facilities to be visible without having to switch from facility to facility.
  • Better tools, more robust interface and better access and utilization of a full Pervasive® PSQL database platform.
  • New dynamic grid behavior allows for sorting, filtering, grouping and column customization.
  • Improved interactivity allows for more flexibility and quicker paths for changes and edits.
  • Enhanced Sampling Event section for tracking information that would appear on Chain of Custody and lab bench sheets.
  • A built-in import function to collect data from LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).

Easily maintain detailed information, including permit numbers, dates, fees, FOG data, and contacts with details. Categorical, non-categorical and industrial programs can also be tracked. Production information can be added from a list of NAICS/SIC codes, which is provided with the program. Additional information can be entered, such as raw materials used, number of employees, days worked, water usage, sewer and water accounts.

Synexus will aid in calculating discharge loadings without creating custom calculations. Link to SCADA or other compatible systems through our OPC/DDE interface application (available as an add-on).

Contact us today for more information and a personal, on-line demonstration. If you're not currently using AllMax software, ask about details and special offers for converting your software to Synexus.

Sampling of Features

Support Menu Options
Options available in the new Support menu include license, release, file versions, go2tech, web and e-mail support.

Talk to an AllMax technical support specialist live through this web based, on-demand remote support tool.

Redesigned DataView Section
With easier navigation and a new "Undo/Redo" feature, create or modify existing DataViews up to four times faster. Multiple select capabilities lets you review a complete history of a data point. Intermittent DataViews has been added, allowing users to view all data for a selected period. A "Go To" feature lets the user select a location/parameter without having to scroll up or down.

Locations / Parameters
Select from built-in standard lists or define your own to customize the setup to meet your needs. Maintain test data: daily and monthly limits and sampling frequencies can be defined for each test. Surcharges can be calculated based on the sample levels.

Provides information about the status of the industry, limit violations, determines Significant NonCompliance (SNC) status, surcharge amounts, actions taken, sample frequencies, and much more.

Limit access without restricting usability with an array of file utilities to keep the program safe and secure.

Event Journal
The Event Journal application provides the ability to create events and document contacts with industries, record and track activities. List and detail views keep this information organized and easily accessible.

For trending or forecasting, multiple style graphs can be created, saved, viewed, exported or printed. Color 3-D graphs plot eight series on two axes with over 14 types of graphs. Hourly, daily, monthly, yearly and X-Y scatter graphs can plot up to 20 years of data. Include control limits, calculations, QA/QC bands, headers, footers, and more to create stunning graphic displays.


  • Multiple facilities
  • Archive / unarchive
  • Backup / restore
  • Data / file utilities
  • English / metric capabilities
  • Import / export
  • Read back features
  • Context sensitive help

Keywords: data management, Graphs, information management, Multiple Facilities, Pretreatment Software, Reporting Software, Technical Support,

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