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By: AllMax Software  09-12-2011
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Define your treatment process and Operator10 will create and calculate the treatment-specific formulas to provide process control information at your fingertips. Loadings, removals, solids inventory, F/M ratio, SVI and hydraulic rates are just a few of the many calculations available. Built-in state and federal regulatory agency reports, operator notes, hourly to yearly DataViews, and 3-D graphing capabilities are just some of the many benefits built into the software.

Link to SCADA or other compatible systems through our OPC/DDE interface application (available as an add-on). There is also a built-in import function to collect data from LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System).

Sampling of Features

Support Menu Options
Options available in the new Support menu include license, release, file versions, go2tech, web and e-mail support.

Talk live through this online, on-demand remote technical support tool.

User defined sample points such as effluent, influent and RAS.

Sampling Points / Parameters
Select from built-in standard lists or define your own to customize the setup to meet your needs.

Data Entry and Display
Operator10 DataViews provide database access with the ease of a spreadsheet. Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly styles provide easy access to enter and review data. Import, export, e-mail or save as an XML/HTML and post on the internet or network.

For trending or forecasting, multiple style graphs can be created, saved, viewed, exported or printed.

Regulatory and Other Reports
The federal DMR 3320, state-specific forms and operating reports satisfy the reporting requirements for almost every state and agency. Other report types include NPDES, DMR, MOR, SWTR, eDMR, and eDWR. Hourly, yearly, 5-year forecast, violations, multi-year and custom reports provide all the tools to satisfy your reporting needs.

Security & Data Permissions
Limit access without restricting usability. An array of file utilities to keep the program safe and secure. Supervisor level security feature will allow specific rights to specific users and data entry points. Allow full access, read only, or hide sensitive information while allowing user to input data.


  • Multiple facilities
  • Archive / unarchive
  • Backup / restore
  • Data / file utilities
  • English / metric capabilities
  • Import / export
  • Read back features
  • Context sensitive help

Keywords: information management, Multiple Facilities, Remote Technical Support, Technical Support,

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