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By: Allied Pex  09-12-2011
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Allied PEX Pipe Advantage

• Allied PEX is flexible and can be installed with fewer directional fittings in less time, and at less expense, than rigid plumbing systems.

• Allied PEX can stretch to accommodate the expansion of freezing water and then return to its original size when water thaws. Although Allied PEX is highly freeze-break resistant, no material is freeze-break proof.

• Allied PEX offers superior chemical and environmental stress crack resistance.

• Allied PEX tubing connected with the crimp fitting system is one of the fastest joining systems in the U.S. For applications not listed, consult with your Allied representative. Allied PEX is a superior alternative to copper for plumbing systems. There are three primary methods of PEX production—Peroxide (Engel), Radiation (E-Beam), and Silane.  ALLIED PEX uses the Silane method of producing PEX tubing.  The Silane method is the most efficient manufacturing method and produces the strongest PEX tubing on the market.  Silane method surpasses the quality standards of the ASTM more than any other commercial production method.

Other advantages to using the Silane method includes:

  • Long life expectancy
  • Chemical resistance
  • Thermal stress resistance
  • Uniform cross-linking
  • Available in colors
  • The cross-linked molecular structure of Allied PEX offers toughness, flexibility and lasting durability. Allied PEX is corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free.

    Non Barrier PEX Pipe
    Non-Barrier PEX pipe is used for domestic / potable plumbing systems.  Allied PEX is certified by NSF & CSA.

    Allied Plumbing Systems are the new standard in plumbing.  Old rigid systems cannot compete with the ease of installation and superior performance of Allied PEX.  This flexible, durable water distribution piping system has proven itself dependable.

    PEX Pipe with Oxygen (02) Diffussion Barrier EVOH
    This radiant tube combines all of the traditional advantages of Non-Barrier PEX tubing, but with an EVOH oxygen barrier.  This barrier provides added protection against corrosion for the various ferrous components of a heating system.

    O2 Barrier EVOH PEX pipe and your Radiant Floor Heat System:

    Oxygen molecules will penetrate through the tubing wall and into the circulating water of “closed” hydronic radiant floor system.  The amount of oxygen passing through the tubing wall and into the system is well known for all materials and increases with temperature.  For a typical system with plastic tubing working at 100° F continuously, this oxygen diffusion leads to the generation of about 1 oz. corrosion products (MagnetiteFe3O4) per 100 ft. of pipe each year (10 times more for EPDM rubber hoses).  That is, if ferrous materials are present in the systems, such as steel pipes, steel pumps or steel boilers.  If the quality of the water is good, general corrosion occurs.  The resultant sludge consists of a fine grain metal oxide that normally is easily transported with the water.  It mainly settles where the water flow rate is low.  However, the amount of sludge builds up over the years and will lead to circulation disturbances and other corrosion-related problems.  With more corrosive water qualities, problems due to pitting corrosion are likely to occur early.  Always choose an O2 Barrier PEX pipe or PEX-AL-PEX pipe for your Radiant Floor Heat System.

    PEX-AL-PEX (PEX-Aluminum-PEX) 
    Radiant PEX-AL-PEX is a composite pipe engineered for radiant floor heating. It's proven, long lasting and maintenance-free. Installers like it because it's lightweight, durable and can be shaped to fit any jobsite. The aluminum layer protects boiler systems against corrosion and it has superior temperature and pressure ratings. 

    Allied PEX-AL-PEX Composite Pipe (PEX Tubing) consists of five layers, inside and outside layers are made of Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) tightly bonded with melt adhesive to the mid-layer of aluminum core which is longitudinally welded in an overlap.  All layers of the Allied PEX-al-PEX are extruded in one step. The middle layer of aluminum is 100% gas/oxygen tight, giving it advantages of both metal and plastic pipe, but not the disadvantages.

    Allied PEX-AL-PEX is manufactured to American Standard Testing Methods for composite radiant pipe and fittings (ASTM F-1281) and is certified by the NSF 1281.  It is rated by the PPI: 200°F at 100 psi, 180°F at 125 psi, and 73.4°F at 200 psi.  Included are requirements and test methods for materials, workmanship, dimensions, environmental stress cracking, sustained hydrostatic pressure strength, thermo-cycling resistance and bend strength among other tests.  Allied PEX-AL-PEX meets or exceeds these specifications.

    Allied PEX-AL-PEX Benefits
  • Easy Handling – Stays in place
  • Simple Installation - No special tooling required
  • Flexible - Rigid enough to hold itself in place for straight, neat runs with enough flexibility to go around obstacles without additional fittings.
  • Can be located with a Metal Detector - When remodeling, adding walls or bolting down equipment, it's a must to be able to find the tubing.
  • Minimum Heat Expansion and Contraction - Similar to copper tubing.
  • Greater Heat Transfer Aluminum is a better conductor than PEX tubing
  • Corrosion Free
  • Best of Both Worlds - Strength, memory and pressure rating of aluminum with the corrosion resistance of PEX, inside and out
  • The Strong Silent Type - Doesn't expand as much as PEX, resulting in less noise in an under floor application.
  • 100% oxygen barrier
  • Keywords: Pex Tubing, Plumbing Systems

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