RT655 Regenerative Air Sweeper

By: Allianz Sweeper  09-12-2011
Keywords: Stainless Steel, sweeping, Water Tank

Taking Air Sweeping To A New Altitude!

The RT655 is a product of engineering genius, designed and built to meet the rigorous standards of today's highly regulated sweeping requirements. It is an air re-generative sweeper that was designed to scrupulously clean the surfaces that nature, humans beings and machines, pollute.

This machine produces the most incredibly powerful and continuous blast of air into a sealed hood that is pulled along over the road surface. This air blast loosens and disturbs all debris it encounters. A suction duct within the hood, conveys the newly disturbed, but well trapped dirt, dust and debris, into the stainless steel hopper.

The RT655 features a gearbox driven blower, which eliminates belts and other high wear components, resulting in a lower cost of operation.

Machine Type: Chassis mounted regenerative "air" sweeper Aux. Engine: John Deere 4045T
Hopper Construction: Steel Horsepower:
Hopper Capacity: 8.5 Cubic Yards Impeller Fan Drive: Belt-less fluid coupling and step up gear box.
Water Tank Construction: Rotomolded Plastic Gutter Brooms: 43 in. diameter. Variable speed, variable positioning, with in-cab pressure and speed adjustments.
Water Tank Capacity: 250 Gallons Systems Locker: Weather proof housing for all sweeper-controlling elements.
Pressure and suction hoses: 14 in. Diameter Safety: Automatic body prop.
  • Covered Auxiliary Engine Compartment
  • Coolant/Oil Pressure Shutdown System
  • Electrically Operated Throttle Actuator
  • 58 gal (220 L) Auxiliary Engine Fuel Tank
  • 8.5 cu yd (6.5 cu meter) Hopper (Volumetric)
  • Continuously Welded Mild Steel Body
  • 55 Degree Dump Angle
  • Two Rear Door Drain Ports
  • Hopper Access Door In Rear Door
  • 25ft. (3.6 m) Hydrant Hose with Coupling
  • 250 gal (956 L) Rotomolded plastic Water Tanks
  • Front & Side Gutter Broom Water Spray Jets
  • Vacuum Hood Water Spray Jets
  • Air Restriction Indicator Gauge on Air Cleaner
  • Stainless Steel Aux Engine Exhaust System
  • Body Paint Two Pack Epoxy
  • Engine Pack Powder Coated Gray
  • Sweep Gear Powder Coated Gray
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Gear Box Driven Vacuum Blower
  • 14in. (350 mm) dia Vacuum & Blast Hoses
  • In-Cab Large Object Hood Hop/Lift
  • 43in. (1100 mm) dia Gutter Brooms
  • In-Cab Variable Gutter Broom Speed Control
  • In-Cab Variable Gutter Broom Pressure Control
  • Steel Gutter Broom Segments
  • 141 inch (3550 mm) Wide Sweeping Path
  • Turbo II Pre-Cleaner - Auxiliary Engine
  • 18.5 gal (70 L) Hydraulic Oil Tank
  • Backup Alarm
  • 125 Micron Hydraulic Suction Filtration
  • Handheld Pendant Dump Controls
  • Automatic Safety Body Prop with Manual Retraction
  • Dust Separator Flush Out System with blower hood and Hopper Flushing System
  • Stainless Steel Water Manifold
  • L.E.D.'s on all Solenoid Plugs
  • 1 Sweeper Operator Manual in English
  • 2 Sweeper Parts/Service Manuals in English
  • Convex mirrors and Brackets
Performance & Productivity:
  • Gutter Broom Tilt LH (ILOS)
  • Gutter Broom Tilt RH (ILOS)
  • Pneumatic Exhaust Screen Vibrator
Catch Basin Cleaner Options :
  • Catch Basin, Pneumatic Assist
  • Light Weight Rear Mount Litter Hose
  • Storm Grate Lift, Electric
  • John Deere 115hp auxiliary engine
  • Powawash, 2 gpm, 1000 psi (7.6 L, 69 Bar)
  • CATwash, 4 gpm, 1500 PSI (15.2 L, 103 Bar)

Safety & Lighting Options:
  • Mirror, Remote w/Clearance Light
  • Arrow Board Option
  • Arrow stick
  • Fire Extinguisher – 2.5#
  • Strobe, Amber
  • Limb Guard, Strobe
  • Rear Work Lights
Misc. Options :
  • PM-10
  • Special Paint – Cab Only (Dealer to Provide Color Sample)
  • Paint – Special Powder Blends – Body Only
  • Stainless Steel Hopper Body and Engine Cover

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