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By: Alliance Communication  09-12-2011

VoIP Solutions to Cherish!

  • Managed NOC Services – Let our experienced, technically skilled and highly motivated technical personnel take care of your clients, 24x7x365!
With business VoIP solution in place, there has been a concomitant reduction in the monthly telephony costs of the facilitating organizations.

Our VoIP solutions are among the best in the industry and the potential users can make the most of our specially designed solutions for contact centers, ISPs and corporate. We are the carrier’s carrier and endeavor to offer the best support to all our clients. From IP PBX and managed NOC to calling cards, the gamuts of the services are quite comprehensive.

The VoIP calling plans and solutions are among the best in the industry; business users can reduce their expenditures to a significant extent through these solutions. We believe that the network infrastructure is essential for making the most of our VoIP solutions and services. We assist our clients in delivering a high quality of calls to their customers and clients with echo, noise, and network latency being kept at the minimum. With one of our VoIP solutions, the business users can be sure of keeping their customers happy and satisfied.

And several SMBs, corporate houses, contact centers, and call centers are doing just that. They have made the most of the services of the VoIP service providers and achieved a balance between the cost efficiencies of VoIP on the one hand and the reliability of the analog and digital lines on the other. As a matter of fact, in our role as a VoIP service provider, we ensure that our corporate customers are able to make the most of the innovative VoIP solutions and services to expand the scope and nature of their businesses.

The costs of our reseller programs, VoIP services, and VoIP solutions are affordable, which make them even more relevant.