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GEMTEK Products is pleased to provide private label services to further promote the use of plant-based products that are safe for people and the environment. We are interested in the success of our customers and invite companies of all sizes and backgrounds to take advantage of our expertise in bringing new products to the marketplace. The GEMTEK private label program offers turnkey services, which may include all or some of the following:

  • Plant-based formulations that are non-toxic and readily biodegradable, and may be customized to meet your application and/or market criteria.
  • Standard “in-house” packaging or customized packaging offered through our numerous vendor resources for bottles, caps, sprayers, case boxes, etc.
  • Guidance and/or review of the product packaging and label design
  • Coordinate shipping with your freight forwarder to your distribution center and/or drop-shipping pallet quantities to your customers

Our goal at GEMTEK is to provide comprehensive turnkey services at a competitive price, with 100% guarantee of satisfaction while promoting the use of our plant-based chemical formulations.

For More Information Contact:
Sarah S. Kristoff, Vice President
Products, LLC
T. 602-265-8586 Ext. 410
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Product FormulationsPrivate label customers rely on GEMTEK to recommend one of its many in-house formulations or to customize a formulation to meet their product needs. Private label products are typically developed from the GEMTEK product lines:

GEMTEK has also developed retail consumer products that include items such as all purpose cleaners, aluminum wheel cleaner, laundry detergent, pet shampoo and safety solvents, to name a few. These consumer product lines include: automotive, marine, recreational and animal.

The AllerSafe anti-allergen product line offers retail consumer products that have been specially formulated for the allergy and asthma industry. This product line features AS-Dustroy Anti-Allergen Spray, which neutralizes protein allergens from dust mite droppings, dog dander and cat saliva.

The AllerSafe products are naturally helpful to people with chemical sensitivities because they do not contain synthetic dyes, fragrances, builders or reagents.
Product Packaging

GEMTEK has established relationships with numerous vendors to provide the most cost-effective packaging materials to our private label customers. As part of our turnkey services, GEMTEK can source and supply product packaging or the customer may choose to purchase and provide GEMTEK with their packaging components.

There are several standard packaging items that are kept in inventory including HDPE bottles, self-sealing caps and sprayers. Typical plastic bottles range from a 4 oz. cylinder to 32 oz. carafe, and a 64 oz. laundry bottle to a 1 gal. jug. Private label customers who use standard GEMTEK packaging may order as few as 5,000 units per product item. However, packaging components that are specific to the private label customer require 10,000 unit minimum runs, and in some cases 25,000 unit minimums.
Product Lead Times

The following lead times are provided as a guideline for developing a private label product. Variables such as multiple products, special packaging items, product imaging and/or large quantities may take longer to develop, finalize and produce.

Initial consultation

1 week

Finalize materials and design labels

2 weeks

Order packaging materials

2-3 weeks

Proof and print labels

1-2 weeks

Manufacture product formulation

2-3 weeks

Fill product and prepare for shipping

1-2 weeks

Approximate lead-time to produce first order

6-8 weeks

Along with private label services, GEMTEK Products also offers contract packaging services for non-hazardous liquid filling. Whether its packaging industrial solvents or hair care products for retail, GEMTEK has the ability to blend, bottle, and package most chemical products. We have the full-service experience and capability of delivering your products “turnkey”, or we are happy to provide the manpower when you provide the packaging components. GEMTEK began offering contract packaging in 2001 with the expansion of its facilities located in Phoenix, Arizona. Our state-of-the-art equipment coupled with our dedication to service and quality control, guarantee customer satisfaction. GEMTEK is dedicated to providing its customers with a value by delivering quality products, delivered on time, and at a fair price. GEMTEK is proud to be a part of your product development team by providing the following contract packaging services:

  • Blending:GEMTEK can accept and store bulk chemistry delivered in 55-gallon drums to 330-gallon totes. Stainless steel mixing vessels are used for blending product prior to filling, or the product can be transferred for storage to one of our high-boy tanks that range from 1,500 – 5,000 gallons.
  • Liquid Filling:GEMTEK has multiple production lines that include automatic filling machines that can accurately fill containers ranging from 2 ounces to 1 gallon. GEMTEK is one of the few operators of a "bag-in-a-can" aerosol machine which utilizes a "bag-in-a-can" system instead of relying on a dip tube. This unique gas-system allows the can to be used at any angle without wasting product. The aerosol machine typically fills cans ranges from 6 to 24 ounces, and has video jet printer for stamping dates and lot number. Containers can be closed with a foil sealer, self-sealing cap or sprayer, and finished with a heat-seal security band.
  • Labeling: GEMTEK has high-speed labeling capabilities for pressure sensitive two-sided or wraparound labels. Our labeling equipment can also provide lot code identification including date stamping, when required.
  • Packaging: GEMTEK can package your finished product in custom printed boxes you provide or in plain shipping cases, then palletized according to your specifications.
  • Shipping: GEMTEK will coordinate your shipping paperwork including LTL or full-truck loads with your logistics agent or freight forwarder.

Keywords: Packaging

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GEMTEK® Products - Leader in non-toxic environmentally-safe cleaners

GEMTEK has the technology to replace many of these hazardous and toxic chemistries, and will continue to develop and promote alternative non-toxic products that are safe for workers and the environment. Chemical safety is not just a concern for the end-user, but should be a concern for companies who expose their workers to hazardous chemicals and the liability involved.