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By: All Marine Spares  09-12-2011
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All Marine Spares International has been named as the North American Sales Representative for SY TNC America Inc.  (Hyundai Heavy Industries - HHI Official Agency).

Offering Service For:

  • Marine or Power Generation Engine Services
  • Marine Welding Services
  • Marine Specialty Machining
  • Other Services

Finding reliable engine service partners at reasonable prices in the Americas is difficult or even impossible!  The choices range from OEM’s who are very expensive and not responsive to the specific needs of client to local “engine guys” who are inexpensive but provide a very low quality of workmanship when repairs are performed.

There is an alternative

All Marine Spares can now compliment its exemplary supply of Marine Diesel Engine spare parts with Marine Engine Services.  These services are available for all major engine brands of large bore 2-stroke propulsion engines and 4-stroke medium speed engines.  Services are provided by authorized service companies for license built engines.  This assures that trained personnel are utilized while repairs are performed at reasonable prices.

Large Bore 2-stroke Propulsion Engines


  • Major component overhauls
  • Fuel pump timing
  • Fuel Valve and Fuel pump overhaul and reconditioning
  • Cam replacement and timing as required
  • Camshaft exchange
  • Reversing servo motor repair 

Medium Speed Engines

MAN Holeby
Sulzer ZA40

  • Major overhauls for planned maintenance for ship and power plant generator sets.
  • Reconditioning and overhaul for Cylinder heads, Valves, Pistons, and fuel pumps
  • Cylinder Block and Crankshaft replacement
  • Air Cooler and Lube oil cooler cleaning

Riding crews available to provide complete overhauls and perform repairs as required:

  • At Sea
  • At Anchor
  • At the Pier
  • In the Shipyard

Qualified, engine builder trained personnel are available at reasonable prices!

Workshop services available on the West Coast of the USA:

  • Cylinder heads
  • Fuel pumps
  • Coolers
  • Engine driven pumps

Component reconditioning

  • Cylinder covers
  • Piston Crowns
  • Piston Skirts
  • Connecting Rods

Specialty Services:

In Place Machining

  • Machining of landing surface of liners and cylinder heads available on site
  • Machining of exhaust valve pockets
  • Line boring for engine cylinder blocks and bed plates
  • Machining of guide rails for cross heads
  • Heat treatment as required- Stress relieving of crankshafts and other critical components.


Crack repair for Engines

Cast Iron Welding and Stress relieving

Keywords: Heavy Industries