All Creation, Doug Stevenson - Creativity, Innovation, Facilitation, Creative Catalyst and a real Trained Brain

By: All Creation  09-12-2011
Keywords: Marketing, Product Development , Experiential Marketing

  • First we listen. We want to understand your key challenges. Together, We then formulate Challenge Statements. Next our facilitation team guides you through a creative problem solving process tailored to your needs. We will generate lots of novel ideas and then converge on the best. Lastly will develop viable innovations and turn them into actionable implementation plans. We work with you going forward to monitor progress.

  • The people involved in innovation sessions are a vital component – the brain power behind the “idea train”. It always advised to bring in outsiders who are both unbiased and very good at idea generation. Doug is one of the best and can bring other like-minded talents to your table.

  • Creativity and teambuilding are inextricably related in innovative organizations. When everyone thinks more creatively and actively listens and supports each other, they naturally perform better as a unit. Doug brings special team building training and assessment tools that will help you identify your team strengths and become a juggernaut of innovation.

  • Find concurrence on priorities and methods in an affirmative way. Build better teams. Get to implementation faster and better. Get past obstacles that block the way to needed cultural change. Transform employee expectations to positive and the organization's dynamic energy to optimistic and enthusiastic.

  • Doug has 25 years of experience as a brand and marketing strategist. He has devised and created marketing programs for many major consumer and B2B companies. He has experience in consumer research, creative, direct marketing, account management and experiential marketing – creating brand experiences which create results. He can be an invaluable addition to your marketing team.

  • Doug has worked with numerous new product development teams, churning out a mind-boggling number of innovative, viable and ultimately successful new products.

  • The basic principles of the improvisational art form include: “yes, and”, discovery, acceptance, support, trust, humor, play – all ideally suited for better interactions within your team, more creativity, more fun and more success. Doug has over 20 years of improvisation experience.

  • Doug has been working with tradeshows, events an all forms of experiential marketing since 1990. He understands this unique and growing marketing niche like few others. In his career, he has worked with Disney Imagineering in conjunction with a project at Epcot and has traveled the nation and the world executing top-notch experiential marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies. He understands and uses the principles outlined in Pine & Gilmore’s, The Experience Economy.

  • Schooled in Emotional Intelligence (Daniel Goleman) and leadership styles akin to those profiled in the groundbreaking book,

    Good to Great

    , Doug is an excellent executive coach and trainer. Working individually or with teams, he creates new interpersonal dynamics which lead to better organizations and results.

  • A former standup comedian, comedic actor and humor writer, Doug is also academically informed on how humor enables us all to be more creative the health of any organization. Doug brings humor and the ways to instill it into your organization’s culture at the DNA level.

  • From creative concepting, marketing plans, strategy summaries, research reports, advertising copy, business theater, white papers, direct mail, RFP/RFI responses, Powerpoint presentations, executive speeches and workshops, Doug has done it all. He has received acclaim for his wordsmithing prowess.

  • Doug presents at many meetings, conferences and events. His “off-the shelf” presentations include:

    • The See in Creativity
    • Leadership & Laughter (Humor & Creativity)
    • Innovation is Like a Box of Chocolates
    • FourSight™ -- Team Creative Style Preferences*
      *(requires a small fee to cover materials)
  • Doug has an academic major in the management of nonprofit organizations. His creativity training adds topspin to this. He has worked with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, The Red Cross, The Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Ryan Center for Innovation/DePaul University and Child’s Play Touring Theatre.

  • Keywords: Experiential Marketing, Marketing, Product Development