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By: Alkaline Water For Life  09-12-2011
Keywords: Ceramics

1. It is suitable for commercial use by a restaurant, small-scale food industry, etc.

2. Generate five different types of water with the touch of a button.

3.Water pressure may change also at an apartment, a store, and a home. The water pressure regulating function is attached to the
super 501. Even when changing water pressure easily, it can be used feeling easy by this function.

4.Auto-cleaning function eliminates the need for cleaning by removing the build-up of calcium and other materials from the electrodes.

5.Can continuously produce Strong Kangen Water for cleaning and Strong Acidic Water with strong antiseptic effects.

In order to produce Strong Acidic Water and Strong Kangen Water , the electrolysis enhancer (salt solution) must be added.
About 120 liters Strong Acidic Water (about 80 minutes) can be produced by using the enhancer in the internal tank at one time. Continuous use is possible if replenished. Automatic cleaning can be performed even while it is being used and water can be stored in the external tank.

Feels like being in hot spring Resort everyday as mineral ion water has a soothing effect on your skin and hair.

Skin moisturizer
Feel fresh with youthful skin. Have a more youthful complexion and supple skin. These are the benefits of healthy mineral ion water. It gives an effective massage while taking a bath everyday and makes the skin beautiful. It gives a lasting beauty.

Shiny hair
Everybody likes to have shiny hair. When you shake your hair, there is a halo, which dazzles the passer-by instantly You get a pleasurable feeling when you touch your hair. You feel great throughout the day because of your beautiful hair.

Hot spring resort feeling
Makes you feel relaxed, just like a hot spring bath. Gentle effect of negative-ions relaxes your mind and body which is very refreshing. You feel relaxed over a long period of time and have a new vigor.

1. Tufa is extracted from Futamata Radium Hot spring in Hokkaido and is famous for therapeutic hot springs . Tufa is made by precipitating Calcium Carbonate and hardening it. The main ingredient is Radium Calcium Carbonate. Hence, metabolism is accelerated and mild Hot spring effect is obtained by eluting the calcium. The ceramic for "ANESPA" is a combination of MIC stone, which is observed to have a water purifying quality/regulating action of harmful contaminants in water. A Power stone that naturally has abundant negative-ions and the highest level of far-infrared radiant energy and is packed in the cartridge. Generates strong negative-ions that give a relaxing effect.2. Futher, it cleans the air and prevents oxidation. Heating/thermal effect is obtained from far-infrared radiation.3. A ceramic filling layer becomes a cartridge and can demonstrate the effect of a filter efficiently. (Patent) Ceramics with much quantity are built in as one water purifier. We recommend you to adopt a fixed exchange system for the ceramics for exchange. If exchange time comes, I will send the ceramics for exchange. The worries about the period and life of exchange become unnecessary.4. Tourmaline is made to adhere to an activated carbon fiber filter. Water is activated by the surface activity effect and the anion effect of tourmaline.5. A neodymium magnet has a powerful magnetic field. A powerful magnetic field makes the cluster of water smaller. A neodymium magnet is activating water and minerals melt easily.

Keywords: Ceramics