Alizar, Inc. Primavera Project Management Consulting, Training & Workforce Provider

By: Alizar  09-12-2011

  • Collecting update data

  • Estimate to Complete

  • % Complete

  • Actual hours/cost incurred

  • Entering data in to the schedule

  • Changing data date and recalculating the schedule

  • Identify problem areas

  • Produce report as agreed, such as

  • Estimate to Complete (ETC)

  • Forecast at Completion (FAC)

  • Variance reports. Such as Schedule, Budget and Cost

  • Suggest corrective action, if required

  • We can collect data and update the schedule on and off site in our offices

  • We can provide you with detailed schedule reports in soft and hard copies

  • The master schedule shows all the activities in your project. The CPM (Critical Path Method) activity bars, progress bars, and activity bars with floats clearly show you the status of each activity.

    The Target/baseline Schedule helps each stakeholder and team member quickly see where they are now, compared to where they should be.  Multiple targets/baselines can be established throughout the project lifetime. When compared with the primary target/baseline, you can determine true health of the project; the achievements, the failures, and the problems. This provides legitimacy to change order requests, extra payment requests, etc.

    The Pert view helps you quickly evaluate, track, and adjust your network logic.  It's a great tool to have a bird-eye-view of your logic.

    The Gantt/Bar chart view also helps you evaluate, track, and adjust your network logic.  It's another tool for improving project quality.

    These reports provide information concerning proper allocation and utilization of project resources.  Are you 'redlined?'  You can determine if you have the necessary resources to complete the project on time.  We suggest, three minimum project baselines to control the project schedule, resources, and its scope.

    Observe total cost of the project or easily determine the total cost incurred at any given point in time.  Also provides you information on difference between planned and actual cost.

    Cash flow analysis report helps you determine future projections of your project cash flow. This report is critical for securing adequate amount of funding to properly execute the project.

    Monitor your schedule performance by observing any noticeable differences between what you planned and where you stand today.

    Keep track of your budget performance by viewing significant differences between what you planned and what you actually spent.

    We compile for you a weekly or monthly status report. The report tracks items, such as, meetings minutes, problems discussed, solutions proposed, and other general information for the stakeholders and project team members.

    Using project management software, we can help you manage changes in your project when they occur. We can also help you determine how these changes affect the schedule and its cost. With this information in hand, you can answer the question, 'Do we need extra time and funding to complete the work?'

    We can help you analyze the project problems and conflicts. If necessary, we assist you and your legal team by reconstructing important schedule and cost information to build your case. With the historical information in hand, we can build a project schedule even after significant progress on the project has occurred.  We can then analyze the schedule variance and other information like project cost, cost variance, and earned value.

    If you need help establishing a Code of Accounts, we can assist. Using a coding feature, we can help you predict if more time or funding is required for your project; even help you determine which activities need a special attention.