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By: Algoma Business Computers  09-12-2011

Novell has been a leader in corporate network technologies since the early 80's. Novell's network software began with the sharing of files and printers within local area networks (LANs) with their flagship product Netware, and evolved into the management of wide area networks that enabled enterprise-class computing with E-Directory.

  • Award winning secure network and Internet integrated solutions with Netware and BorderManager.
  • Network wide desktop management solution with ZENworks
  • Working hand in hand with open solutions like Linux for stability
  • Nissan, Acer, British Telecom, Blue Cross, US Department of Defense trust them

Microsoft is well known for their complete network solutions from small 2 station networks up to Enterprise class multi-domain solutions. Microsoft introduced itself into the networking market with Windows 3.1 and has built standard networking into its operating systems since then.

Why go with Microsoft?

  • Seamless integration into windows desktop solutions.
  • Flexible and scaleable application servers like MSSQL Server.
  • Built in Terminal Services for efficient remote application access.
  • Built in internet and web services like Internet Information Server and ISA Server.

Why not a hybrid solution? Many of our customers enjoy the security of a Novell E-directory infrastructure, utilizing Microsoft's powerful SQL server for database management.

Cisco is most well known by their state of the art, reliable router technology, but it is by no means the only thing they are famous for. Founded in 1984, Cisco has evolved themselves into a full service communications company offering Wireless and Voice over IP technologies as well as some of the best firewall systems on the market today.

Why go with Cisco?

  • 20 years of evolving scalable router technology
  • Cisco routers are the backbone of the Internet, so router and firewall Internet integration is hassle free.
  • Wireless, VPN, and Voice over IP (VoIP) can all be seamlessly integrated into existing Cisco router technology. No separate (possibly incompatible) solutions.
  • Nobody has been fired for going Cisco. (Or was that IBM)

One of the hardest things to manage on a network are desktop applications. The time invested, not to mention the cost, in supporting all the issues that arise from software problems, and end user support is one of the major contributors to overall TCO. Citrix solves this by eliminating the need to install the applications on the desktop. You install 1 copy of the software on the server, and all the workstations connect to it in terminal mode. The application does not even run on the desktop.

What does that mean to the end user? Nothing. They don't even know they are connected server. It looks and acts as if the application is running on their own workstation, but all you have to support/upgrade is 1 installation running on the server.

Why invest in Citrix?

  • Lowers TCO by reducing post installation support expenditures
  • Application is installed one on the server
  • Shadowing allows admin to remotely take over sessions for support
  • Applications can be used in low bandwidth situations, (i.e. over the internet) securely with 128 bit encryption.
  • Reduces network traffic significantly on some applications.
  • Can run Office XP on an old 486 computer with only DOS Installed!

Citrix makes a wonderful extension to an existing network implementation in either a Novell Netware or Microsoft Windows environment.

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