By: Alexandra Samuel  09-12-2011

Facebook your kids? Tweet your granny? E-mail your sister? However you want to connect with (or avoid) your family members, networks can help. This page has inspiration, strategies and advice on how to harness technology to creating the family relationships you want.

You’ll find that a lot of these articles reflect my current stage of life as the mother of two young kids. But I also round up news about how Facebook, FourSquare, Twitter and other social media tools affect teens, aging parents and other family dynamics.

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40 years online

I’ve spent the past 40 days looking back at the Internet, so I’m spending today looking forward. For my 40th birthday, I’d love to hear your answer to that question. How can you make the most of your time online.



Event planners use video clips to guide their speaker selections, speakers bureaus use videos to pitch people from their roster, and your target audience of customers, influencers and fans may. If you want to pitch yourself as a speaker, trainer or just as a thoughtful person worth listening to, web video is a crucial medium.



There’s a reason they call it social media: it is supposed to support our social lives and bring us closer together. So why do social networks leave so many of us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected. Your time online should increase the amount of love in your life.



If you’re heading out of town or to the gym with your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch, and you want to load it with videos for the road, you’ve got a couple of options for filling it up with those yummy, legitimately downloaded .avi and .mkv files (which I’m absolutely, positively certain you didn’t get via Bittorrent, because.


Social media for productivity

Sometimes social media feels like the thing we’re trying to cope with, and sometimes it feels like the thing that can help us cope. You’ll find that most of the posts in this category combine established web tools with my own recommended workflow or practices. The posts here focus on project management, contact management and time management tools and strategies.