Collaborative Partnerships | Enduring Results

By: Alexanderhancock  09-12-2011
Keywords: Change Management, Organizational Consulting, Strategic Alignment

“A consultant has three goals:

  1. to establish a collaborative relationship
  2. to solve problems so they stay solved
  3. to ensure attention is given to both the technical/business problem and the relationships.”

– Peter Block, Flawless Consulting

AlexanderHancock’s collaborative approach sets us apart. We aren’t consultants who do things to an organization. We solve problems withour client. A second hallmark of our approach is enduring results – solving problems so they stay solved.

And we agree with Peter Block that any solution has to address both the technical/business problem and the human issues – the people involved in, and affected by, the problem. Paying attention to the relationships and the people is a distinguishing feature of our approach.

Sometimes we can’t see our own situation clearly until we step outside it and see it “with new eyes.” Consulting helps clients see “with new eyes” and more clearly focus on their own challenges, the options for dealing with them, and the potential consequences of those options.

Consulting provides the structure and processes for business organizations to

  • Clarify goals
  • Identify challenges, obstacles and problems
  • Analyze, quantify, evaluate
  • Create and evaluate options
  • Anticipate consequences
  • Plan and communicate actions

Partnership and collaboration are hallmarks of our approach. We combine our organizational consulting experience and capabilities with your knowledge of your own business and company culture to produce results in the following areas:

  • Organizational design
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategy Communication/Strategy Deployment
  • Team Alignment
  • Customer Value First policies, processes, and practices
  • Engaging front-line employees in improvement strategies
  • Empowering employees to meet customer needs
  • Succession planning
  • Change management
  • Strategic Change communication plan
  • Culture Change Process
  • Cultural Inclusion
  • Competency Models for leadership and for sales
  • Collaborative Customer Teams
  • Collaborating in a matrixed organization

Keywords: Change Management, Organizational Consulting, Strategic Alignment

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