Sales Transformation: Reinvent the Sales Organization Through Sales Transformation

By: Alexander Group  09-12-2011
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Embarking on a major change to a sales organization is not for the faint of heart. It takes buy-in from the CEO on down, a tolerance for risk and a willingness to put every facet of the sales organization under the microscope.

Despite the risks and organizational challenges, everyone — from shareholders to executives to sales reps — stands to gain from a well-executed sales transformation. Success can yield a 10-20% revenue gain, and it hinges on having an expert partner who can guide well-informed decisions: Alexander Group.

Why transform?
Any company that is facing major change should consider how the sales organization will be affected. That change could include:

  • Merging two companies and their sales organizations
  • Launching a new product
  • Entering a new market or segment
  • Growing revenue and/or profit
  • Reducing cost/mitigating risk

When to consider sales transformation?
While large-scale change is never easy, approaching it at the right time can improve the chances for success. Sales transformation may happen any time with established organizations. Companies should begin considering sales transformation as they’ve reached the apex of Phase II Volume Growth. Before they launch new products. Ahead of price controls and cost reductions. At the emergence of new products and markets. We believe anticipating change is the smartest way to manage it.

Armed with those facts, with sales transformation we can provide a real view of sales ROI. A view that gives the CEO the business intelligence to drive the company toward its revenue goals, allows the VP of Sales to consistently hit targets, and empowers sales reps to make more money.

Keywords: Sales Transformation

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