Sales Benchmarking: Improve Sales Time, Sales Productivity and Investment

By: Alexander Group  09-12-2011
Keywords: Management Consulting, Sales Management, Sales Productivity

Alexander Group's Sales Benchmarking and Assessment Practice measures multiple levers that affect the following metrics:

  • sales time
  • sales productivity
  • sales investment
  • sales pipeline
  • sales compensation 

Before a large sales organization can make any strategic decision — whether that’s investing in technology, cutting or adding sales resources, or changing compensation — sales leaders first must know where they stand.

Sales benchmarking and assessment with Alexander Group can provide an accurate view of how a sales organization stacks up against the competition or how internal sales teams compare, giving companies the information they need to continuously improve.

As a standalone offering, or as an integral component of our sales management consulting projects, Alexander Group’s benchmark and assessment services compare detailed analytics from our database of over 90,000 sales representatives from more than 200 companies. This proprietary cross-industry database grows every month, and with each new engagement our collective knowledge of the sales organization grows along with the data. Alexander Group clients benefit from the richest, longest-term sales data in the industry.

Critical levers
We start with the entire database, then drill into the subsets that are most relevant to a client’s unique situation, giving them the insight to turn two main dials: cutting costs or investing in sales.

Guided by the fundamental components of our , we look at all aspects of the sales organization. We help identify differentiators, strengths and areas for improvement, giving clients the baseline data to set goals that affect the top and bottom line.

Our consultants interpret findings from detailed reports, and our executive briefings provide results that drive informed business decisions. It’s not just what we find, it’s how we present it: a visual representation of your sales force data, benchmarked against hundreds of companies and thousands of sales personnel. Our advanced statistical analysis yields highly interpretive charts and graphs for varied, but highly understandable, views of complex data.

Our sales benchmarking practice not only serves to validate our clients’ business decisions — the richness of our data and the analytical rigor we apply to it serve as the industry context for all the recommendations we make to our clients. Clients use those insights to get to the top of their game. And stay there.

Keywords: Management Consulting, Sales Management, Sales Management Consulting, Sales Productivity

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