COBOL Compiler: NetCOBOL for HPUX

By: Alchemy Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Application Development, Business Systems, application server

Fujitsu® NetCOBOL® for HPUX (previously called Fujitsu COBOL) is a complete COBOL development suite -- compiler, run-time libraries, and debug tool. The highly optimized code produced by NetCOBOL provides the basis for fast, mission critical business systems on HPUX workstations based on PA Risc processors.


  • Develop mission-critical COBOL applications for HPUX, PA Risc workstations
  • Take advantage of extensive multi-vendor database support (SQL access to Oracle, Sybase and Ingres)
  • Maintain compatibility with existing code based on support for popular vendor extensions (IBM and Micro Focus) and compliance with ANSI and ISO standards
  • Full COBOL85 syntax
  • Direct access to Oracle Application Server
  • CBL_routines
  • Provides integration with PowerFORM for running graphical, COBOL-driven reports on the HPUX platform. (Forms are developed under Windows but can run under UNIX.)


  • The rich complement of functions built into NetCOBOL serves as the basis for fast-turnaround development efforts. Industry extensions compatible with those from Micro Focus and IBM ensure broad compatibility and a full choice of powerful functions.
  • NetCOBOL offers a number of features to help speed application development as well as execution times. Because program links are automatically reconstructed following compilation, errors are usually easily identifiable.
  • In the debug tool, you can view data in the watch data window, set break points, and view I/O in the program I/O window. As a result, you complete your work faster and produce higher quality code.

Keywords: Application Development, application server, Business Systems, Cobol Applications, Cobol Development, Database Support, Development Suite, Iso Standards,

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