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By: Alaska Wood  09-12-2011
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Alaska Wood Industries has carefully examined each of the criteria that is needed to produce millwork and has made concerted efforts to become efficient and professional in each area.

Our competent sales team is able to review Architectural drawings and provide competitive pricing on millwork in areas of our specialty. Knowledgeable and pertinent questions are asked at the time of tender in order to obtain clarity or provide suggestions. Clear and concise quotations are provided describing the scope of work and all exclusions.
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Our full time dedicated staff of draftsmen and CNC machinery programmers utilizes modern, updated computer software to generate informative and accurate shop drawings and renderings. Computer software developed specifically for our industry allows us to be precise in the conversion between shop drawings and CNC production.
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Very complex to simple projects are handled through experienced staff. The paperwork is kept in an organized fashion in order to avoid confusion. Timely responses to changes in scope of work and pricing are paramount. For more information email:
Operating on two full time shifts, in a modern 40000 sq foot facility, Alaska Wood has the ability to fabricate the most complicated tasks. Veneer lay - up, post-forming, door manufacturing, solid surface, milling of solid wood, diverse and experienced staff utilize modern tools and equipment coupled with quality craftsmanship to produce on time and to specification.
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Our installation crews have traveled to many parts of Canada and the US in order to complete a project. Very experienced in their abilities to install millwork and suit site conditions. Small teams or larger teams of installers are put together depending on the nature of the project and time frame involved. Fully trained and certified in Fall Arrest and WHMIS, safety is paramount and enforced on all jobsites. For more information contact: After Sales Service:
All our products are warranted for a minimum of one year. Warranties, maintenance materials, care and maintenance schedules and procedures are all provided at the end of a project. We pride ourselves in not forgetting what we have done along with looking at what we will do next.

Keywords: cnc machinery, Computer Software, Full Time Dedicated Staff, millwork, Shop Drawings,