By: Alaraware  09-12-2011
Keywords: Radiation Shielding, Shielding Design

Alaraware provides radiation shielding design required for regulatory approval. Alarware's services fit into the regulatory process as pictured above. Our focus on radiation shielding design includes the following segments:

  • PET
  • CT
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Industrial X-Ray Applications
  • Medical X-Ray

We provide professional service along with superior expertise.

“The ALARA-CAD shielding calculation algorithm has proven to be of tremendous benefit both in the provision of detail and in the capacity to expedite the assessment of facility design…ALARA-CAD has been an invaluable asset for ensuring an optimal and cost-effective installation.”

– Peter McGhee, Ph.D., TBRHSC

Keywords: Radiation Shielding, Shielding Design