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By: Alagroupdeveloper  09-12-2011

GOLDENEYE, is an application that contemplates the integral management of the internal processes of a company, from the management of commercial activities to the production, going through the Human Resources management, Knowledge Management and more.

COLABORIS is security, productivity, collaboration and order. It is a set of applications that reside in one or several servers, and have as objective the customized management of the different company tasks such as: operation of databases, workflow and collaborative and internal communication services.

Designed for workgroups, focus its services on the employees, the clients and other companies, uses as unique environment an Internet Browser, oursourcing the maintenance of servers, applications and systems to an external company, with a model of monthly payment by application use.

COLABORIS is a product totally customizable by the user, allowing to manage diverse aspects through a standard Web Browser Web such as: e-mail, enterprise agenda, calendar, tasks, reminders, documents, instant communications, processes, corporate news, discussion forums, statistics.

With Conect, the idea was to construct a systems map according to the processes standards defined in the telecommunications sector (eTOM). The objective of Conect is to include all the existing functionality of business. Conect defines different modules or dominions that include functionality of related business organizations, otherwise totally disconnected, and that, at a certain moment, could be replaced by a market product, under a Oriented Architecture to Services (SOA).

DESE, System for the Diagnosis, evaluation and pursuit of companies. Quantifies and qualifies the work carried out, it determines his difficulties and delays, statistically evaluates the corporative profile and the competitiveness its and controls all the production process.

GESDOC, is a documents management system which automates all the documents flow of any company, ministry, agency or corporative organization as they can be: guides, instructions, methodologies, procedures, regulations and others.

It is a web application, so it is possible to be installed in a Web Server and be access through an Intranet or Internet from any computer, that could be found anywhere, whenever the computer client has the necessary connectivity, eliminating the needs of client installation in client's environment.

LPFact, the System for Invoicing Management, includes the main functions related to the Prices Listing of Products and Services, Clients Control, Basic Data Definitions needed to standardize the information of the activity, Templates Management, Billings Management, Collections Management, Management of Delivery/Reception Agreements and Notes of Credit, all of them in five different formats according to the company that performs the activity. In addition, will approach the Account Statements and the Summary of Sales for each of these companies.

PtoVenta, the System to manage sales reports, and collection includes the main functions related to the daily data entry of the Sales Report and Collection Reports at the Point of Sales, Basic Data Definition, necessary to standardize the information of the activity, automatic shipment by mail or other media of the updates on the products information to Points of Sales; automatic shipment of Sales Reports and Collection Reports from the Points of Sales to the Main Office; and consolidation of the information in the Main Company.

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Quality control and Testing of software and programming solutions, including those not implemented by the group ALA Group Developer, using the novel techniques of the CMMI model, manuals and documentation redaction, validation tests plans and validation test procedures.