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By: Al Rhodes  09-12-2011
Keywords: Financial Planning, financial advisor, money management

Are you considering the services of a financial advisor? 

Financial planning is a management process.  It involves fact-finding and assessment, then development of a plan tailored to your individual situation.  It must be implemented and monitored to assure that it remains effective.  Things change, and you change.  Your plan is kept vibrant through on-going communication with the advisor, who will help you develop a realistic plan for your future.

Consider too, the type of financial advisor that you will rely on.  Fee-Only financial planners work solely for their clients, and are compensated by a previously agreed upon fee.  Fee-Only advisors do not accept commissions or receive any other compensation for recommending specific products.   We will develop and implement a plan that shows clients how to attain their financial goals using no-load mutual funds.

And how can you best be served?  Some people are self-starters when it come to financial matters, and wish to work with a planner to establish direction, but wish to carry out the related tasks on their own.  These clients might be interested in comprehensive financial planning on an hourly fee basis.  Other people are better served by delegating the financial affairs of money management to a trusted advisor.  Our firm no longer manages client money, and if you desire these services, please call us for a referral to another qualified professional.

Our firm specializes in financial planning by consultation.  We like to see clients who wish to remain in the driver’s seat of money management, and we will provide a game plan for growing or preserving assets to meet your goals.  Consider too, that there are other issues beyond money management that will help you achieve financial independence and reduce taxes during your retirement years, though it can rarely be done without advance planning. A successful plan will build your financial resources and free you from the emotional pain of not knowing what to do. 

Here are some typical questions that come up from client seeking services.

    • How much money do we need to be able to retire?  When can I retire?
    • Do I need life insurance?
    • What pension option is the best for our situation?
    • How much does medical insurance cost for retirees?   Where can I get a good insurance plan?
    • Should I count on Social Security benefits being there when I retire?
    • Do I need long term care insurance?  How do I decide what coverage is needed?
    • What can we do to help our disabled child after we are gone?
    • Should I contribute to a Roth IRA or a regular tax-deferred IRA? 
    • Should I convert my traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?
    • Can I afford to work part-time from now until I retire?

Keywords: financial advisor, Financial Planning, money management, retire