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Products Product Description/Application Notes

Granular "A"


Granular "A" is a crushed, screened limestone material. It is used as a base under roads, driveways, and paving stones.

Granular "B"


Used as a base under driveways, roads, walkways & patios.

Clear Stone

Clear stone is a screened & washed limestone product that is used as a drainage medium around subdrain pipe, as a base for weeping beds, under concrete slabs & under decks.

Stone Dust

Stone Dust is a crushed, screened limestone product used as a levelling course under patio stones & interlocking brick.

Armour Stone

Armour Stone is a large flat limestone rock used in the building of retaining walls.
Products Product Description/Application Notes

Screened Garden-Blend Topsoil

Garden-Blend screened topsoil is a blend of rich screened natural soils, mushroom compost and peat. It is a well-balanced growing medium fortified with essential nutrients for vegetables, flowers, and shrubs.

Screened Topsoil

Screened topsoil is a blend of natural soils and peat. Suitable for lawn and garden applications.

Black Earth

Black earth is a rich screened natural soil rich in loam. It is excellent for repairing damaged lawns and seeding, and is ideally suited to all types of flowers, shrubs and vegetables.

Note: For Riverwashed Stones, Mulch and Decorative Stones etc.. please call our Office for pricing.

Products Product Description/Application Notes

Sand Fill

Sandfill is primarily used as backfill for structures and a levelling course for rough areas.

FOB Price/Tonne (Cnd)

  5/8" Crusher Run "M"

$ 9.75

  7/8" Crusher Run "GA"

$ 9.50

  2" Crusher Run "B"

$ 8.50

  4" Crusher Run "B"

$ 8.25

  3/4" Clear Stone

$ 11.25

  1" Clear Stone (Weeper Stone)


  Stone Dust

$ 14.50

  Shot Rock (Blasted Rock)

$ 6.50

  Gabian Stone

$ 10.25

  Armour Stone

$ 50.00

  Hydro Sand

$ 13.20

  Sand Fill

$ 7.80

  Rough Fill

$ 5.25

  Topsoil - Unscreened

$ 10.00/cu.yd.

  Topsoil - Screened

$ 18.00/cu.yd.

All Prices subject to change without notice.

VOLUME PRICE - Upon request

DELIVERED PRICE - Upon request


All prices are per metric tonne unless specified otherwise.
All Taxes Extra - HST (13%). 
TERMS - Net 30 days upon credit approval. 
Please confirm product availability at time of order.

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