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By: Airflow Catalyst  09-12-2011

NOW AVAILABLE!! This system is ideal for equipment used in continuous operations, equipment that is mainly under load.

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MinNoCat - the newest addition to the AirFlow portfolio.  Named for its effective control of NO2 to levels comparable to engine out, and effective at controlling CO, MinNoCat delivers VALUE.  As a result of its passive regeneration technology, and proprietary catalytic technology, MinNoCat performs well in low temperature ranges with very limited maintenance requirements. With a 95% Filter Efficiency Rating by MSHA, this systems offers one of the highest filter efficiency ratings of all MSHA Listed systems -- covering 99% of all listed engines!!As with the EZCat unit, MinNoCat does not require much space and is canned for endurance in heavy gauge stainless steel.MinNoCat is a solutions that is almost maintenance free!

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Technical Details: T50 for CO: 150C / 97% conversion at 180C T50 for HC: 160C / 90% conversion at 200C Proprietary catalyst coating Leading edge benefits: Passively regenerating Reduced space requirements Low temperature, high performance Low maintenance Proven performance, proven savings. AirFlow Catalyst Systems delivers high-performance diesel exhaust system technologies and customized solutions for emissions control.


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Comprehensive PortfolioWe offer you systems and services that can be customized to meet your specific needs.


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AirFlow Catalyst Systems is reinventing emissions control with PASSIVELY REGENERATING TECHNOLOGY that operates in a wider RANGE OF TEMPERATURES. EZCat TM -- A simple yet revolutionary filter device that is ideal in operations where equipment is idling frequently. Meets 97% of Filter Efficiency requirements for engines listed by MSHA.