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By: Airborne Dance Centre  09-12-2011
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Airborne Dance Centre Inc.

BUDDING DANCERS - An Introduction to dance. Learn a combination of simple jazz, tap and ballet movements in a fun and energetic atmosphere. For ages 2/3 and 4/5.

COMPETITIVE - Designed for the student who is looking for a challenging experience and the opportunity to showcase his/her talents. Airborne Dance Centre encourages team spirit, commitment and a love of dance.

PRIVATES - Airborne Dance Centre also offers private instruction for students wishing to improve technique with the extra attention available. Privates can be booked for one to two students at a time.

MODERN - A series of free flowing body movements and unconventional dance steps. Improves body awareness and strength.

BALLET - The foundation of technique begins with Ballet. It improves body alignment, grace and strength. Ballet classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and are offered in all levels ages 4 - 18. **All exam and competitive students are required to attend two ballet classes per week.

TAP - Rhythmical patterns of foot movements and audible foot tapping makes for "Happy Feet." Improves agility, style and musicality. Based on the ADAPT syllabus and free style work. All levels ages 4 - 18.

JAZZ - Kicks, jumps and turns are prevalent in this physical and energetic dance form. Jazz Technique improves coordination, body line and flexability. Based on the ADAPT syllabus and free style work. All levels ages 4 - 18.

HIP HOP - Dance to your favorite R&B music while learning the latest moves and grooves. This workshop setting makes it enjoyable for all!

LYRICAL - Lyrical dance is expressive, subtle and dynamic. Dancers attempt to tell a story through whole body movement. Ballet and Jazz classes are recommended as is teacher approval. Ages 9 - 18.

ACRO/STRETCH - Focuses on developing strong, limber bodies. Learn exciting floor tricks like cartwheels, walkovers, aerials, and much more.

YOGA / PILATES - A body conditioning technique designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body. Excellent for improving posture, strength, flexibility and concentration.

***Please consult the studio director, Candice Moseley, for class placement upon registration.***

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MUSICAL THEATRE - Explore Broadway in this fun and creative class! Students will learn basic dance steps while learning to be stage performers. Great class for beginners and students who love to act.

RECREATIONAL - The recreational program focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of dance, as well as promoting an athletic group activity in a positive and disciplined setting.  

NEW for the 2010-2011 Dance Season!!!

"Dance is the hidden language of the soul."

Martha Graham

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