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By: Air Graphics  09-12-2011

• Digital submission of your originals saves on the carbon gases of driving to your location to pick them up.

• Have AIR Graphics handle your shipping. Reduces the gases to delivery back to you and we already have the major shipping companies coming to our locations.

• Online plan rooms allow the viewing of details or specific information without printing out a hard copy document thereby saving trees.

• Mount on environmentally friendly boards specifically designed to biodegrade in 3-5 yrs instead of 80 to 100 yrs.

• Recycle your vinyl banners! Ask us how.

• Print all of your large format plans on a minimum of 30% post consumer recycled bond. We do that 100% of the time at all AIR Graphics locations.

These are just a few ways in which we are helping our clients GO GREEN!

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Biodegradable Foamboard :

Plain paper reprographics equipment reproduces large-format documents without the environmentally hazardous byproducts produced by traditional methods of large-format reproduction. The cost of microhomes varies widely, but with less materials and a smaller footprint, they are much more affordable than a conventional residence. Microhomes, which are generally smaller than 500 square feet, appeal to folks who don’t think bigger is always better.


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While the typical Fomecore board will last hundreds or even thousands of years, our board will break down, when placed in a land fill, in about 8 to 10 years. The material is produced from 30% post consumer recycled material and has a nice, bright white finish. AIR Graphics has an innovation in mounting technology – a biodegradable mounting substrate. AIR Graphics has a wide range of inkjet paper for sale.