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See pictures of Red Oak quarter sawn  & Maple first Grade Stairs from  All hardwood Floor Ltd.  

  Available wood species some require special order but available never the less  
  wood group 2
Ceder (all types)
Gonzales alves
Red/white oak
Parana pine
Zebra wood
 B lood wood( Paraju) Maceranduba 
 P urple heart 
 Jarrah ( Australia) 
  Jatoba( Brazilian Cherry)  
  merbau (Indonesian Cherry)   

wood group 3
Maple( flame, Birdseye,Fiddleback, Sugar)
Meranti (dark red)
Merbau ( Indonesian Cherry)
Oak european
Walnut American Black (Nigri

Hardwood Floor Coatings or the Finish that protects your floor, What are they and what are the differences , What should be avoided and why was that not explained to me:

Basic Coatings Street Shoe(TM) , Bona Mega, Trafiic(TM), Glitsa Self Seal or MAX(TM)

description: an opaque or  creamy coating witch is a two component catalyst non slip finish designed for gymnasium use well suited to maple and harder species

performance: the expected life time of a three coat system on a maple or harder hardwood floor is seven to twelve years max less if you use their sealer.

analysis : surface allow water to penetrate and even has the appearance of being wet when washed with water, cannot handle the lacquer thinner test, regular interval maintenance required

low odour is deceiving as the chemicals used are a greater risk to the respiratory system than any other coating Except M37 products the moisture cured urethane or MEK products( methyl ethyl keytone)

Delivery: first coat on bare wood 350-400 Square feet per gallon, additional coats up to 800plus SQFT per gallon ***non trowellable

Polyurethane: Dura seal(TM), Magee(TM), Polo Plaz (TM)Magnum low voc urethanes

description:   polyurethane finishes are now on there way out as of Sept 2011 urethane are an amber oil based product  where Varsol or paint thinner is the base the most dangerous to humans. has been given a bad rap by contractor who use the incompatible lacquer sanding sealer and then roll one coat over the lacquer sanding sealer even before it is dry as nothing sticks to laquer but lacquer itself not even shellac or gum lacquer sticks over a dry lacquer coat, this method produces what looks like a Glitsa Swedish finish after the full cure( see more on Conversion varnish below) except that after a little as one year it will turn completely amber and dries extremely brittle.

performance: If you  wash with hot water you can cause this to fail within one year I see most people get about five years  through a sea of yellow or amber

Delivery: at least five hundred feet per gallon with a waterbase applicator of 8mm roller ,cannot be use directly on bare wood without doubling or tripling the drying time of 12 hour ususally *(trowellable)

Conversion Varnishes: Glitsa Swedish finish(TM)

description: The only conversion varnish coating in A three component system with a choice of limiting the amber quality in the undercoating, full choice of sheen in the Gold Seal top coating  ,

 Protection is achieved from the heavy volume of 275 Sqft per gallon or greater per coat

curing process cause and effect is to lose the heavy built up look and tone down to a soft and subtle look , The nicest looking floor finish as it wears

Performance: the standard coating  three coats will last 30 to 50 years, survives the lacquer thinner test completely unaffected

Analysis: Water cannot penetrate the finish itself, amber yellow tone is only affected by sun light , humidity in extreme condition , finish is more elastic than others completely trowellable

Delivery: when applied with a Glitsa (TM) Brush or lambs wool applicator  275 Sqft per gallon  cannot be meticulously painted or  applied thinner without complications


AllHardwoodFloor Ltd. is a service based business I supply and Install Sand and finish All types and applications of hardwood floors and stairs:

Installation of stairs including truing or plumb the stringers, Remove and replacement of stringer, comply with tolerance codes.

 Installation of skirting, panel cap & risers  in solid hardwood .

 Inlayed  feature strip ,urethane Glue down applications.

Specialized   Quarter sawn Red or White Oak can be custom stained with ease.                                                                

 Cherry's are good for nail down flooring. American Cherry, Brazilian (JOTABA) or Indonesian( MERBAU)               

   American Black Walnut Is by Far the finest Hardwood floor you can Own.) if you like dark.                                            

         All the Fine Quality good for a life time   Stair Sets Are truly the focal point of your home business or institution.            

 Stairs are available to go or every different sub strafe  wood or concrete radiant heat slab .

List of First Choice Quality Services:

Supply of top quality Unfinished Hardwood flooring materials: T&G or square edge flooring

Exotic woods ,Inlayed Borders and feature stripping .

Bostiks Best urethane Glue is our first choice for concrete plywood and under lay materials .

Hardwood in first grade for Glue down to Dura-son , Ply wood or Concrete Slab ( Maple Walnut and Quarterqsawn Red & White Oak)

Supply and Installation of all types and species ( various manufacture) pre finished hardwood floors:

Hardwood like floors such as Laminate and real wood engineered

Site finishing of All Species of Hardwood floor floors flooring and stairs.

Restoration of hardwood floors: Including wire brushed after fine sanding heritage floors, Scalloped Distressed dual tone antique.

Repairs to most site finished floors: board replacements in nailed down floors and Urethane glued down floors; Re sanding finishing.

Sanding of hardwood floors:

Dust less Re sanding  Hardwood floors

Dust Free Resurfacing Hardwood floor

Refinishing hardwood floors

Screen and recoat Glitsa(TM) Swedish Finish

Finishing with All types of coatings. Glitsa (tm) Synteko (tm) Swedish Finish/  Moisture cured urethane / StreetShoe (tm)

Gymnasium Game court markings or game lines ( it is possible to remove and replace just the lines )

Other Fine Trades Available for :High End  Millwork , Wood turning , Moldings  or base board ( when you employ AHF)

 Tiles & Painting ( when you employ AHF)

Wrought Iron Railing's Custom designs

Composite floor Maintenance/ V.O.C. Tile 4 component epoxy paint/primers

G ame court markings or painting on VCT Vinyl with Benjamin Moore's Urethane Alkyd Enamel or Endura(TM) Epoxy paints

yellow enhanced Endura (TM) MEK epoxy paint

 Polished Professionals
Everyone loves the beauty of a polished hardwood floor. You can get that cozy elegant look from the experts at Allhardwoodfloor Ltd. They specialize in fine wood craftsmanship, and with over two decades in the industry, know what they are talking about. Admitted perfectionists, they’ll advise you on the best type of flooring for your needs.The Rich Beauty of Wood
The staff will be pleased to help you select from a range of grains and woods including maple, oak, ash, birch, beech, and walnut. Or choose a more exotic look such as mahogany, cherry, Brazilian, hickory, bamboo, or cypress. You’ll be able to determine whether you want flat, vertical or horizontal grain, depending on the type of wood. And for hardwood floors, the hardness of the wood does matter; especially where there is apt to be more wearing, such as children’s play areas or entrance halls.Customer Service a Priority
With attention to customer service from start to finish, the experienced professional installers will ensure your floor has just the right look and finish. And the service doesn’t stop with installation. They will also help you care for your new floor, and ensure that its beauty lasts. Tips for keeping your hardwood floors in top shape include keeping your home at a constant temperature and humidity to prevent warping, shrinking, or expanding of the floorboards. They also recommend protecting the floors by putting felt pads under the legs of your furniture and avoiding liquid spills that can damage the floor. Needless to say, dropping ice skates or bowling balls on the floor will not be covered under any warranty!

While others only offer polyurethane and sanding sealer
We offer All types of finishing including Glitsa(tm) Swedish finish
28 years experience with its use
Specializing in ALL APPLICATIONS of Hardwood Floors and stairs:
Installation , Sanding, finishing(ALL FINISHES)Game Lines & Gymnasiums
prefinished floors of ALL types
Proper incorporated business, Fully licensed & Insured
Get your self a letter of Clearance fro the WCB website
We are an accreditedbusiness with the BBB.
Proper registered tradesmen and businesslicensing 
100% track record with customer satisfaction a priority.

AllHardwoodFloor Ltd. and online hardwood floor photo album  can be found at the following URL's



AllHardwoodFloor Ltd.( serviced based Business without showroom)
All hardwood Floors does every floor imaginable.
AHF ltd. is a flooring contractor, Yes we Supply and Install , Sand & site finish All species(except Bamboo)All finishes, All prefinished Hardwood floors.
Your homes business and institutions become my showrooms. People ask me why you chose AHF AllHardwoodFloor Ltd. for a business name.
Well ,That is an easy question to answer. Firstly I was The first company to register A one word Business name as an incorporated business.
The second reason is I have been working on Hardwood floors since 1979.
During these past twenty five plus years I have been very comfortable with All
the various Applications Of Hardwood floor & stair Installation over every imaginable sub strafe, The largest areas dimensionally, The most intricate details.
The sanding of all types of species and layout.
Working with products that are beneficial to the client. such as Glitsa(tm) Swedish finish( conversion varnish), moisture cured urethane , Gymnasium coatings, Street shoe (tm), Two component epoxy paints.
All industry standard practices practiced diligently
IN fact Because Of Who I learned this trade from
everything Is complete has my name on it with Above Industry standard
going the extra mile for my clients, You can see the reflection OK Ok
listen your going to hire some one anyway
You have to pay them when they complete
If you pay an amount for some thing that your not happy with.
What did you gain?
I see this all the time for my so called competitors. Quote. We can beat or match any price !
Remember your talking price .

WHY Choose All Hardwood Floor Limited ?????? At My company All Hardwood Floors ect
We offer above industry standard Quality work
I could ( but don/t) easy say to most of the companies around Vancouver
I can beat your level of quality all the while at a reasonable cost.
from a proper incorporated business who has built a company around the concept of reputation and quality ,integrity ,value and beauty
30years plus experienced Registered Floorlayer( BC) hardwood.
I'll be the only person you will deal with I do 90% of all projects On my own so they look uniform and consistent.
Did I mention we need your business?? On the web (.net or .ca)
cellular 604-603-7317
WCB# 720346AA(012),
REG# R367150, BN#BC0692966 HST # 85467 2003 RT0001
Fully Insured with Gore Mutual #8416902
Trademark used in Canada since April 2004(1378188)
”A”plus rated with BBB of lower mainland  joined April 2003
See my work from 2008 photo album

You wont find me revealing everything in my knowledge here on the internet.

I see a lot of other companies who are already doing that.

I am offering  Universal or International Standard & Better Fine Quality Hardwood Floor Craftsmanship

I can tell you this. I LOVE MY WORK , I am competitive, Very competent ,reliable,  My attention to details  are keen

Having finely tuned machines and equipment of the highest quality ensures the outcome of over optimum quality   AAA

 completing projects in the time frame  quoted , I believe the customer should be left with A viable durable beautiful Hardwood Floor or Stair

I offer great value.  I have skill and knowledge. AllHardwoodFloor Ltd. Has A 100% track record .

check it out 604 603 7317

I wonder why other companies will not show pictures of there work and instead will buy testimonials from marketing companies  whose fictitious  customers  do not provide a phone number  picture address or anything.. that's misleading ., If you require a reference We can provide you with pertinent information from real people who have employed us currently the list is over 100 names to choose from all of which were offered the finest quality first

WE only bill or invoice for our work on completion,  we have confidence in our products and service and the greatest reward is that 99%  of clients offer to pay on completion

Yes, we do have a corporate lawyer ,We have never taken a client to court never had any reason to,  however we have taken other companies to court over using our name, , pictures , or slandering, and collusion   AHF_ has been establish since 2003 April A plus with the BBB after eight years we uphold the highest standards in quality, professionalism  IF you have been told hearsay or speculation about  MY company we would love to hear from you.

Vancouver Hardwood Floors Sanding Refinishing Installation supply Gymnasium - All Hardwood floor floors flooring & stairs services
Vancouver Hardwood Floors Sanding Refinishing Installation supply Gymnasium - All Hardwood floor floors flooring & stairs services
Vancouver Hardwood Floors Sanding Refinishing Installation supply Gymnasium - All Hardwood floor floors flooring & stairs services
Vancouver Hardwood Floors Sanding Refinishing Installation supply Gymnasium - All Hardwood floor floors flooring & stairs services
Vancouver Hardwood Floors Sanding Refinishing Installation supply Gymnasium - All Hardwood floor floors flooring & stairs services

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Other products and services from Ahf-all Hardwood Floor



Some manufacturers steam lumber to bleed the darker heartwood color into the sapwood, resulting in a more uniform color. Heartwood is dark to redish brown, lustous; sapwood is light brown to pale with a light pinkish tone. Grain: Fine, frequently wavy, uniform texture.


Hardwood Flooring Contract Services from AHF-all Hardwood Floor Ltd

Repairs to most site finished floors: board replacements in nailed down floors and Urethane glued down floors; Re sanding finishing. NEW STAIRS are Installed to EXACT BUILDING CODE TOLERANCES including dressing the sub frame and completely Urethane glued. Stair sets landings and custom feature stairs of all designs regardless of their design including custom Rounds.



Grain: Bold, staright, moderately open grain with occasional wavy figuring, and can have strong contract in grain in palinsawn boards. Properties: Hardness: 1230% Janka Table, 2% harder than Northern red oak Durability: Elastic, hard, excellant shock resistance. Ash Color: Heartwood is light tan to dark brown;sapwood is creamy white. Similar to white oak but more yellow.



Birch Color: Sapwood is creamy yellow or pale white in yellow birch; heartwood is light redish brown tinged with red. Sweet birch has light colored sapwood and heartwood is dark brown tinged with red. Grain: Medium figuring, straight, closed grain, even textured. Occasional curly grain or wavy figure in some boards.



Sapwood is gray-white; heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown when fresh, and becomes russet or reddish brown when seasoned; often marked with dark streaks. Properties: Hardness: 2350 Janka Table,82% harder than Northern red oak. Grain: Mostly interlocked; texture is medium to rather course.