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 Birch (Betula spp)  Color: Sapwood is creamy yellow or pale  white in yellow birch; heartwood is light  redish brown tinged with red. Sweet birch  has light colored sapwood and heartwood is  dark brown tinged with red.  Grain: Medium figuring, straight, closed  grain, even textured. Occasional curly grain  or wavy figure in some boards.  Properties: Hardness:1260 Janka Table,  2% softer than Northern red oak. Durability:  Hard and stiff; very strong.

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Some manufacturers steam lumber to bleed the darker heartwood color into the sapwood, resulting in a more uniform color. Heartwood is dark to redish brown, lustous; sapwood is light brown to pale with a light pinkish tone. Grain: Fine, frequently wavy, uniform texture.


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Repairs to most site finished floors: board replacements in nailed down floors and Urethane glued down floors; Re sanding finishing. NEW STAIRS are Installed to EXACT BUILDING CODE TOLERANCES including dressing the sub frame and completely Urethane glued. Stair sets landings and custom feature stairs of all designs regardless of their design including custom Rounds.


Vancouver Hardwood Floors Stairs Sanding Refinishing Installation supply Gymnasium BC Canada

Polyurethane finishes are now on there way out as of Sept 2011 urethane are an amber oil based product where Varsol or paint thinner is the base the most dangerous to humans. Installation of stairs including truing or plumb the stringers, Remove and replacement of stringer, comply with tolerance codes. All the Fine Quality good for a life time Stair Sets Are truly the focal point of your home business or institution.



Grain: Bold, staright, moderately open grain with occasional wavy figuring, and can have strong contract in grain in palinsawn boards. Properties: Hardness: 1230% Janka Table, 2% harder than Northern red oak Durability: Elastic, hard, excellant shock resistance. Ash Color: Heartwood is light tan to dark brown;sapwood is creamy white. Similar to white oak but more yellow.



Sapwood is gray-white; heartwood is salmon red to orange-brown when fresh, and becomes russet or reddish brown when seasoned; often marked with dark streaks. Properties: Hardness: 2350 Janka Table,82% harder than Northern red oak. Grain: Mostly interlocked; texture is medium to rather course.