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By: Agilehead  09-12-2011

AgileFx is a LINQ-based ORM for the .Net Framework with unmatched performance and features comparable to Entity Framework.

The AgileFx project started in late 2009, from our frustration with the poor performance of Entity Framework compared to Linq to Sql. Unfortunately, Linq to Sql lacked many important features which made modeling real world applications impossible. AgileFx extends the Linq to Sql provider with these missing features, while retaining its outstanding performance profile.

  • Many to Many Relationships
  • Inheritance (Table per Type)
  • Eager Loading
  • Parallel Queries
  • Caching
  • Full LINQ Support
  • Visual Studio Integration

Other products and services from Agilehead


Agile Software Development and Consulting - taskometer

Taskometer is the first open source product built on the AgileFx framework, and also serves to showcase AgileFx capabilities. This all-in-one integrated suite can replace the disparate tools that you use currently. Taskometer will be available as a SaaS product, and in source code form. Taskometer is built on .Net Framework 3.5/4.0 and Sql Server 2008. Taskometer is a suite of applications for product companies.


Agile Software Development and Consulting - social ray

Social Ray is a Professional Networking platform, on which developers can build rich, collaborative applications. The Search Subsystem is built on Apache Lucene, a Java based Search Engine Library.


Agile Software Development and Consulting - digisenze

The DigiSenze line of Industrial Automation products help factories and warehouses monitor and control the density, level and quality of fluids in large Storage Systems. By interfacing with various hardware monitoring units, the system allows Plant Managers to monitor and control operating parameters remotely. The real-time monitoring and reporting system is based on .Net 3.0, using Sql Server for data storage.


Agile Software Development and Consulting - services

AgileHead can help your team incorporate performance and scalability into the design of new projects, or analyze existing applications for bottlenecks and steps to remedy them. Applications that need to scale to thousands of users should be architected differently to benefit from scale out configurations or cloud deployment.


Agile Software Development and Consulting - jobhunt in

There is also a Document Conversion Service running on the .Net Platform and Windows, which converts Microsoft Word documents to HTML and Text formats for indexing. Behind the simplistic UI is a capable job platform, written in Python with PostgreSQL and Oracle Embedded as the database, running on Linux. does away with lengthy forms typical of job sites and replaces them with a simple Resume Upload form.