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By: Affinitylifestyles  09-12-2011

Real Water’s President, Brent Jones, finished up his trip to Australia while attending a taping of the hit Australian show The X Factor with Mel B. as a judge – the best judge of course. The trip was a success and Real Water will be there soon. Mel’s husband Stephen was a big help getting the ball rolling down under.

Real Water is the official water sponsor for Ragnar Relay.

After giving birth to daughter Madison last month, Melanie “Mel B” Brown was eager to lose those extra pregnancy pounds, and what better way than partnering with the weight-loss company Jenny Craig!

In addition to the program, Mel swears by Real Water to keep her hydrated and help her tackle her workouts. “I love the taste — it’s so pure,” she says. “It’s the only water I drink now. It makes me feel good and healthy.”