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The MVe..Your In-Home Training System

Pilates gets your mind in tune with your body. By emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and complete concentration on smooth, flowing movement, you become acutely aware of how your body feels, where it is in space, and how to control its movement. The quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions. Proper breathing is essential, and helps you execute movements with maximum power and efficiency. Last but not least, learning to breathe properly can reduce stress.

Pilates elongates and strengthens. Improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility is the focus. A body with balanced strength and flexibility is less likely to be injured.
  • Lightweight & Agile Frame – 100% powder-coated aluminum
  • Patented spring changing system for fast, fluid movement and exercise ease
  • Weighs just over 30 pounds
  • 4 resistance levels challenge all abilities from beginner to advanced intensities
  • Open frame expands range of motion and enables innovative movements

Price: 3 Payments of $375

Fitness Equipment & Motivational Monitors

For $109.95 you receive:
  • Caltrac Unit
  • Calorie count book
  • Comprehensive Caltrac Manual
  • Instruction Video

Price: $109.95 now $89.95

Having trouble getting rid of tennis elbow? Are carpal tunnel or tendonitis ruining your game? A unique stretch, using the WristWand® as directed, helps protect and relieve painful disorders by stretching key muscle groups of the hands, wrists, forearms and upper arms. Now just $19.95 with instruction sheet.

Price: $19.95 now $12.95

Heart Rate Monitor
How do you know you're exercising the right zone? The heart rate monitor accurately measures your intensity so you will achieve your goals. If you don't know your exercise heart rate, you may never reach your fitness goalsand you'll remain in the "plateau zone." In order to achieve results you have to modify your program and change your intensities. Without changing intensities your body will not change. The heart rate monitor helps you know when to vary intensities making your workouts more efficient and effective.

You receive:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Complete Instructional Kit

Price: $149.95

Undieting CD:  Undoing the dieting dilemma
by Jackie Jaye-Brandt, MFT with Diana Lipson-Burge, R.D.

This amazing CD set will teach you:
  • how to stop suffering from the "diet depravation backlash" - the belief that there are good and bad foods
  • why food elimination diets (eliminating fats, carbs, or sugars) only lead to binge eating.
  • how to set healthy boundaries around the foods you like and the foods you love
  • how to take charge of your thoughts and put a stop to emotional eating.
  • a real pound for pound understanding of how fat and lean muscle are formed in the body and how certain foods can effectively satiate the appetite.

Price: $39.95 

Exercise Tubing
Resistance Tubing provides resistance on both the negative and positive rep. It isolates the muscle and provides a workout that's easier on the joints than traditional weights. Plus, it's portable! Traveling? Throw one in your suitcase and you can do a full-body workout on the road. 

Price: $15.95

Fitness Fan
Truly a fitness training guide! The compact fan shows photos and gives directions of exercises for each body part whether using no equipment (body weight), minimal equipment (bands and dumbbells) or gym machines. 

Price: $34.95 now $24.95

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Keywords: exercise, Fitness