Advanced Power & Performance Solutions » Lubrication

By: Advanced Power  09-12-2011

Advanced Power & Performance Solutions » Lubrication


  • Has tremendous shock load and E.P. properties
  • Dramatically reduces operating temperatures
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance - long life at high racing temperatures
  • Powerful antioxidants, anti foam agents and corrosion inhibitors to protect against contaminants
  • Very low volatility - stays in grade, resists thinning and thickening
  • Very High Viscosity Index - extra wear protection at high temperatures
  • Excellent rust protection & deposit control - keeps gears clean
  • Outstanding water separation - helps to reduce wear & maintain film strength
  • Is compatible with most manual transmissions, rear ends and quick changes

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With today’s poor quality fuels - breakdown, hesitation, filter clogging, injector malfunctions, erratic combustion efficiency, intolerable emissions, moisture, sludge, algae, fungus and poor fuel economy are common problems. All diesel stocks contain high concentrations of paraffin, with the low sulphur fuels containing the most. The crystalline formation continues as the temperature drops and wax begins to collect on the fuel filter.


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ENGINE: Initial Treatment: 240 mL of Advanced PPS Concentrate For maximum benefit use 120 mL in every oil change after the initial treatment. During each scheduled differential service, Advanced PPS Concentrate is added at the ratio of 30 mL/L of differential fluid. TRANSMISSION: During each scheduled transmission service - Automatic: A total of 120 mL of Advanced PPS Concentrate.


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Our mileage is up .5 to .7 mpg and when we go through the mountains, we are no longer dropping 4 or 5 gears, it is 1, maybe 2 at the max. We have a 2006 Cummins ISX 500, it has increased our torque, power and fuel mileage. It is a completely different truck now!Tom & Sharon BridgesSedalia. Advanced Power & Performance Solutions» Revelation.