AMG Canada - Canadian Web Hosting Partnerships

By: Advanced Merchant Group  09-12-2011

AMG draws in some of the most respectful Web Hosting Companies from around the United States, and is now offering the same program in Canada. Word quickly spread about the type of partnership AMG offers to Web Hosting Companies. This segment of the AMG business model is a big reason why AMG is where we are today and will continue to thrive in this segment for a long time.

AMG practically wrote the book on Web Hosting Partnerships since the company's inception in 2001. Partnering with small to medium size web hosting companies [much like ascertaining small to medium sized businesses through our agent / reseller program] we have helped them grow their business and they have helped to grow us in return. This section of AMG remains to be a driving force and will continue to be.

With a partnership with AMG, Web Hosting Companies can now offer their clientele a complete eCommerce Solution at an affordable price. We have included all of the essentials for any business that includes a Merchant Account, Shopping Cart and AMG SecurePay Payment Gateway. There are no setup fees and no application fees for merchants. The best part about this type of partnership is that we want to pay your hosting company for the clients that sign up with AMG.

  • Create your own custom pricing programs and electronic applications for your own clientele.

  • Your logo at the top of the electronic application for your clients to apply on. This application is 100% secure.

  • Program Pricing is listed right at the top of the page so all fees are disclosed to the user before they submit anything.

  • New URL link generated every time a new application is created, so your company's website can link right to it or embed it in your own website.

  • Support phone numbers are AMG numbers, not yours, unless otherwise stated.

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