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By: Advanced Business Solutions  09-12-2011
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ABS provides services for all your IT needs. We specialize in onsite troubleshooting and repairs, and also offer the ease of fixing many issues without being on site. From problem solving on individual systems to enterprise-wide design, implementation and support, based on your specific needs and budget, we can make your computers work for you.

ABS serves clients at their need level. If there is no IT presence on staff, ABS becomes the IT department. ABS’ proactive philosophy is centered on understanding how business works and maintaining service contracts to solve problems before they happen.

ABS’ Proactive Philosophy

Examples of our proactive philosophy:

  1. ABS can look at hard drive space, be alerted for viruses, and keep an eye out to make certain problems are solved before they happen and cause critical down time.
  2. ABS can obtain a thorough understanding prior to starting support of what a business’ systems are, who the contact person is in the business dealing with IT problems, and what potential problems there might be.

This allows ABS to monitor the system remotely and find problems before they occur and become critical. This proactive capability involves a monthly fee and is paid for on an ongoing basis as a set fee as opposed to reactively, and as troubles or issues arise.

Example of the positive results gained from our proactive philosophy: If we wait until a server hard drive fills up and the system crashes, in a reactive situation, the phone would ring, the server would be down, and the IT technician would be sent onsite to determine the problem. Some space would be initially freed up, but then it would take some days/weeks and several hundred dollars to completely resolve the issue. In our proactive model, the IT support —which is the ABS team—notices that space is filling up and stops the server from crashing. Business is not interrupted and the threat is detained quickly and efficiently.


ABS offers a standard rate for services of $125 an hour. For customers with a maintenance contract, we discount the rate to $95 for non-covered work. ABS provides free phone support to all of our clients whether they are under contract or simply have a project based task. With ABS, clients do not need an ongoing contract to receive priority service.

Maintenance Contracts

Proactive Philosophy Maintenance contracts cover anything that was working when the contract was signed. Basically, if it used to work and now it does not, it is covered under a maintenance contract. Items not covered would be anything new or anything strategic like replacement of work stations, new software installations, and/or new technology.

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