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By: Advanced Aromatics  09-12-2011

Available in three grades – 78°C, 79°C and 80°C – our naphthalene is suitable to be used in virtually all applications. Recent expansion projects have yielded Advanced Aromatics more naphthalene supply than ever before. Refined grades are low in color, and all grades contain very low levels of sulfur.

Markets for naphthalene vary widely. Naphthalene can be sulfonated for use in concrete as a super-plasticizer, in leather tanning, in anti-caking applications, and as a dispersant in specialty applications. Other applications include lubricants and pharmaceuticals.

Our 79°C and 80°C naphthalene are low-color products, which provide the only domestic supply of refined naphthalene for use in color sensitive applications or in applications that require higher purity (>99%), even in pharmaceuticals.

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Advanced Aromatics - Advasol 150

Applications Advasol® 150 is used as a compressor wash oil, oil field solvent for corrosion inhibitors and for de-emulsifiers, as a paraffin solvent in the oil field, and a carrier solvent for production chemicals. Range, dark in color, highly aromatic, Advasol® 150 has a high flash, Kb value over 100 and is suitable for numerous industrial applications. Rich in methylnaphthalenes, this is a unique solvent.


Advanced Aromatics - Decahydronaphthalene

Our DHN is a stable, water-white, cyclo-aliphatic solvent with a low freezing point and high boiling point, low sulfur content and low metals content. Applications DHN is useful as a solvent for specialty applications, as well as for dissolving naphthalene, fats, resins, oils and waxes. It has uses in various unique fuels applications.


Advanced Aromatics - Tetrahydronaphthalene

Benefits Extremely low sulfur, low freezing point, high boiling point and excellent color give THN benefits of other solvents in applications requiring purity and performance. Using Advanced Aromatics’ technology, we produce THN in grades suitable for any application. Desirable solvent characteristics are balanced between aromatic and aliphatic properties.


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Advanced Aromatics partners with other specialties producers to custom manufacture higher-valued intermediates and finished products for internal needs. Our R&D and business development personnel work together with our clients to such satisfy demand- driven opportunities.