By: Advance Us  09-12-2011


Advance Micromatic walk behind automatic scrubbers are models of efficiency, cleaning floors more thoroughly and up to 5 times faster than traditional mop and bucket. The compact Micromatic line is designed for trouble-free maneuverability, transport and storage to meet the needs of a broad range of facilities.


  • Two to five times as productive as traditional mop and bucket
  • Simple, intuitive operator controls minimize training requirements
  • Compact designs allow easy storage and transport
  • Leaves floors clean and dry – and safe
  • Safe, quiet and comfortable operation for virtually any environment

Other products and services from Advance Us


Adphibian™ Extractor-Scrubber

Advance’s Adphibian™ soft and hard floor machine is designed for maximum efficiency and flexibility by enabling cleaning staff to use one machine to clean carpets scrub hard floors. Adphibian features our patented dual-cleaning mode that lets operators choose between LIFT™ mode – Low-moisture, Indirect spray, Fast dry time, True cleaning – and Restoration mode.



Created with the user in mind, we have gone back to the drawing board to bring you more ergonomic features for better usability, and added new features to increase productivity. They reduce the use of detergents, energy and water, and they constantly work to use more recyclable materials, as well as planning how the materials can be reclaimed after use.



Every Advance scrubber comes with Smart Solutions™ – which optimizes water and chemical use by allowing the operator to select proper flow rates – part of our commitment to sustainable cleaning technology. Advance floor scrubbers deliver flexibility, performance, ease of use and most of all value. Convenient onboard charger on battery-equipped models. Low noise - most operate at 65 dB or less.



With durable construction and pad pressures up to 70 lbs, these automatic floor cleaners will make mop and bucket a distant memory. Advance Adfinity™ combines simple operation and easy maintenance into a powerful line of mid-size walk-behind scrubbers. Rugged construction and durable components assure years of reliable performance. Easy maintenance with open access to all critical systems.