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Of all the education one receives in his/her lifetime, it appears the least is on the subject of one's own body. Physical education in school is unfortunately more like sports education. And what if you're not into sports? Or if the sport you endeavor to succeed in as an adult wasn't covered? When will you have the time and where will you find the information to learn about becoming healthier, leaner, stronger, more resilient to stress and how to develop massive vitality?I hear it all the time: "Why would I pay some dude to teach me a bunch of exercises?" I agree. You could learn to do your own taxes, fix your own car, cut your own hair, and do your own massage therapy too!
There's a time and place for a professional.Personal trainers are not simply people who've learned a bunch of exercises and want you to pay a premium rate to learn how to bicep curl, squat or jump over and onto things.
My job, pure and simple, is to teach you about your body. How to make it move more fluidly, become much stronger, lose excess body fat, improve cardiovascular health and feel a great deal more confident about what sort of activities you can participate in, and of course, how you look. The Process:

Fitness Assessment
An important part of any responsible training program, a fitness assessment objectively measures your current level of physical fitness and sets a baseline for comparing progress. With effective assessment the frustration of trial and error programming is greatly reduced.

The Tools:
  • 1) Movement Pattern Assessment (general population)
  • or 1) Adult Athletic/Movement Pattern Assessment (for competitive athletes over 18 years old)
  • or 1) Youth Athletic/Movement Pattern Assessment (for athletes under 18 years old)
  • 2) Body Fat/Body Composition (including BMI [Body Mass Index]) and Tape Measurements
  • 3) Progress Photos (optional, but highly recommended)
Time/Cost: $75 - 2hrs

Athletic Training
Every program is designed specific to the client's needs, capabilities and goals. While I will hand pick the best exercise type and selections I do take into consideration the client's delivery preferences. For example, Sue may prefer the challenge of flipping tires down the parking lot for building her cardio, while Bill may prefer a more traditional approach. It's important that the experience of each training session is enjoyable. It's equally important the results are noticeable in short time!

Training Options:

One-On-One Personal Training - Nothing will compare to the experience of someone focused on only you and your goals week in and week out, even if it's just 90mins at a time. This venue provides the greatest education and sees the highest return in results as you'll be coached, motivated and constantly assessed for progression (or even digression) of the exercise program based on your energy, mood, stress levels and when it's time to up the ante, we're going to do it - right then, right there!

Time/Cost: $40-55 (depending on time of day/day of week) - 90mins

Tandem & Small Group Training (up to 5 people) - I firmly believe in the power of reaching our goals with a friend, spouse or family member right beside us, struggling as you're struggling, succeeding as you succeed. There's nothing like it! This venue of training also provides a huge savings benefit as the cost of the session is now split between all those attending. While there is some loss in personalization in programming (as now it must cover 2+ people's goals, needs and capability levels) I specialize in minimizing this. Plus, when your training partner(s) is stronger than you in one area you may be weak in, it will force and motivate you to get better - a bonus all around! Competition is indeed friendly and beneficial!

Time/Cost: Tandem: $50-60 (depending on time of day/day of week) - 90mins /

Time/Cost: Groups : contact for pricing based on needs/size of group

Take Away Programs
Not everyone can travel out to my regularly. Not everyone can afford the services of a personal trainer week in and week out. Not everyone's schedule works with my availability. It doesn't mean you shouldn't be receiving the benefit of a training program designed specific to your needs. In fact, I'd be so bold to say that if you're walking into a gym without a piece of paper in your hand (your workout for the day) - you're completely wasting your time!

My greatest specialty is program design
. I use unique exercise selections and ways of putting them together to receive unreal results! I use whatever works. That may be a bench press. It may be a box jump. It may be a lunge to contra-lateral cable row. If it works, I use it. More importantly I program it in a way specific to your current physical fitness and goals.I do suggest that exercise programs are changed every 4 weeks but that can be stretched out to every 6 if you're really working it. Anywhere beyond that you'll see diminishing results as the body is a system of adaptation. It requires progression.Delivery: You will go through each workout exactly as designed in a one-on-one (or tandem) training session. That way I'm teaching you every rep of the way. It's important you are left with an understanding of how to follow the program and also how you should be performing the exercises when you're on your own. At the end of the training week I will email you your program (Word document). Of course I'm always there for support should you run into a complication.
Time/Cost: Sessions will be 90mins. Cost will depend on how many workouts you go through.Example: John wants a strength and conditioning program that fits with his current kickboxing training schedule. That equates to 2 days per week he's available to workout in the gym by his house. John and I will meet up 2 times at my facility and each time I will take him through the entire workout exactly as he will then be following each week on his own. See cost of Athletic Training sessions above.
Optional Cost: Sometimes there arises a situation where someone would feel much more comfortable if they had the exercises that are in their program on HD video for playback later (possibly at the gym on your iPhone/iPod). Due to the time it takes to film, organize and produce this I charge $2/each exercise video. You may pick and choose which exercises you require a video for.

Ladies Only: Shape and Conditioning Class

Around 60% of my client base is female. I'm going to tell you a secret: women work harder! The hardest training women would easily leave their husband on the gym floor begging for mercy. I've seen it many a time! It's why I so enjoy training women. I understand the unfair situation though - men can achieve results almost twice as fast as you ladies do. It's this thing called testosterone, we have a bunch more than you do. And we have it WAY easier in that we don't have a time of the month and generally speaking seem to have less on our plates than you women do. Sure, there's lazy men AND women out there, but we're not comparing against those. The point is, it's about time the hard working, hard training ladies have a class all their own! Something more than the new dance-fad-of-the-month class seen at your local gym. Generally, this class is used as an adjunct to your current training program. A way to sneak in an extra coach-guided workout done amongst your peers. Here I program to target the areas that matter most to women: butt/thighs, stomach/abs/core, arms, posture, and strive for that conditioning/metabolic boost that a hard workout provides.Oh and don't worry, we train well before the gym opens. No meat market welcome!
Time/Cost: $15 drop-in OR $50 for 5 class punch card (expires 8 weeks from date of purchase) - Saturdays 8:15-9:30am
Other ServicesWhile 90% of what I do is covered in the above services I do on occasion provide greater support for those in need. Nutrition Counselling (design and coaching), Athletic Training Camp Builds (organizing a methodical training camp involving all the athlete's coaches to ensure the greatest success and ensure the whole team is focused on the needs/goals of the athlete) and Physical Preparedness Programs (for RCMP, Firefighters, etc) are available. If you have a special situation that you feel my skill set could assist you with - I'm always game!
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Keywords: athletic training, Gym, Training Session, Workout

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