By: Adrian Crowe  09-12-2011
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Welcome to the home of Adrian Crowe Athletic Training
I'm SUPER excited to see the custom made Adrian Crowe Athletic Training logo Strength Wraps arrive. Coming very soon! Can someone say PR time?!!
I don't have the luxury of being tired! It's not that I don't tire, especially when I frequently work 12+hr days and upwards of 60 hours a week. But the point is that my clients are paying for me to be on top of my game, to push each of them as if they were my only training session of the day. And they deserve that! I eat a lot, train extremely hard and still manage to have some fun in my week. Sometimes I feel I need more. I'll be the first to admit - I like caffeine. I don't drink coffee so I get it other ways. But at some point one has to question the health benefits/risks of other energy products like Red Bull, Monster, Pre-workout supplements, etc. This is where I turn to and trust Q. This local, North Vancouver company was fed up with the current crop of energy products which provide the rapid boost followed shortly thereafter with the impending crash!No additives, no preservatives, no artificial anything! The motor behind this engine is the mega-antioxidant Quercetin with a back up team of panax ginseng, ginkgo, green tea extract, rhodiola, B-vitamins, vitamins A, D (300IU!) and E as well as electrolytes (potassium and sodium) for hard training individuals. AND only 15 calories!See the Q Energy site for moreClean energy, zero crash, nothing artificial and a nice tart taste! Price: $2/single packet (great pre-workout), $17.50/box of 10 ($1.75/packet), special: buy 10 boxes ($175), get 1 free ($1.59/packet). Sorry, no shipping - pick up only.
Flavors: Lemon-LimeĀ  orĀ  Wildberry (although I'm told we have an Orange flavor coming soon!)See me for a free sample!
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Keywords: athletic training, Training Session

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There's a time and place for a professional.Personal trainers are not simply people who've learned a bunch of exercises and want you to pay a premium rate to learn how to bicep curl, squat or jump over and onto things.My job, pure and simple, is to teach you about your body.