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By: Adrenelyn  09-12-2011

Long-tail keywords are a necessity in generating organic traffic to your website.  You get better results on the SERP of Google and Yahoo by using long-tail keywords because on-page optimization is valued less when trying to improve your search engine rankings of competitive keywords. Long-tail keywords are also more important because it takes less time [..]

1. What is a backlink and how does it affect your search engine rankings? A backlink is simply any incoming link from another page of a website that refers back to your domain. ie. <a href=””>anchor text or hyperlink text</a> To rank highly on search engines like Google, you need to optimize your own webpages [..]

The first step is to submit your sitemap.xml using Webmaster Tools.  However, Google will likely index only a fraction of your pages if you have 5,000 urls submitted unless you become an authority on the subject.  To become an authority on the subject, Google measures how much traffic is coming to your site and if [..]

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Watch out if you are trying to use internet marketing and social media today to promote your company’s service or products online. There is a twitter virus on the loose.


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