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By: Adoreannies Poodles  09-12-2011

Hi Annie, I just came home from Lalita’s agility
class, she is a natural in the class.  She is so different than Woodee
he was so timid and unsure.  Lalita is a ball of fire and loves a
challenge, today she learned the teeter totter and just loved it.  She is
definitely  a diva with that look at me attitude.  She has
already mastered the A-Frame, Dog Walk, Tunnel, Weave
Polls, Jumps, the Chute.  She is the smallest in the
class but she is not fazed by this, she is fearless and tackles obstacles
that the bigger dogs are scared of.  She truly loves this, but her poor
mistress gets quite a workout LOL!

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Yes,you’re correct that Zoey and the standard poodle were "stars" in the class, andin the final competition, Zoey was paired with the standard poodle – Zoeywon hands down for coming when called - she was the fastest.She was already at my feet and sitting when the standard was only 1/3rd of theway across the gym.


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From the back row Angel, Lover Boy, Magie, Libby’s Silky hidden, Magie’s Bubbles, and Angels Spice. Magie and Bubbles are expectingbabies end of Oct. 2008. Diamond and Libby are due early November2008. Father of the pups is Lover Boy. Diamond up front with Angel.


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Although we love to have our pups adopted bybeautiful, loving pet homes we occasionally pick the toughest show outthere to show people just how gorgeous our dogs are. PCA is so much funalso if you are a poodle lover.