By: Adopos  09-12-2011
Keywords: Restaurants

Here at AdoPOS, we have constructed the AdoPOS (Point-of-Sale) for Restaurants with special purpose of providing assistance in increasing efficiency by aiding a restaurant workers to serve their customers in a fast and comfortable fashion.

Advance of AdoPOS for Restaurants

  • Multi System/Kitchen Handling
  • Multilingual Input/Output
  • Quick Touch Screen/Code Order Entry
  • Owner/Manager/Host Security Clearance Management
  • Multiple Order Options (Dine-In/Takeout/Delivery)
  • Integrated Table Management System
  • Various Order Modifying Capability
  • Hostess Features & Reservation
  • Employee Time Schedule/Card/Tips Management
  • Customer Information & Sales Tracking
  • Gift Certificate/Customer Credit Management
  • Sales Analysis Outputs
  • Database Maintenance Tools
  • Fast and Easy-to-Use Staff Banking

AdoPOS for Restaurants System Composition

  • PC/Touch Screen Monitor and the POS Touch Screen System
  • Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Cast Drawer
  • Network Devices (Multi System)

The POS System was created for respected businesses such as yours by our growing and advance company, AdoPOS, We look forward to working and cooperating with you in order to help your business enter the new technological world.

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Keywords: Restaurants