By: Adi Karya Bakti  09-12-2011
Keywords: Cooling Capacity

We have complete range of chiller products, included brine chiller ( -5 to -20°C ) to satisfy your need. For product range please refer to the following table :

Type Cooling Capacity Range
Watercooled Aircooled
Compressor Scroll 5~60 USRT 50~600 kBtu/h
Screw 40~500 USRT 600~300 kBtu/h
Centrifugal 563~1334 USRT N/A
Absorption Direct Fired 67~1500 USRT N/A
Hot Water 5 ~100 USRT N/A
Steam 5 ~ 2000 USRT N/A

Our Advantages :

1. Short delivery time, compare to America/Europe or Japanese Brand.

2. Good Reputation in Quality Control from International Level Manufacturer.

3. Local Service Team.

4. Available Refrigerant R22 and R134a for Electric Chiller, and R404A for Brine Chiller.

5. Very Competitive in Initial Price and Maintenance Cost.


Keywords: Cooling Capacity

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Package Air Conditioner

Available Copper Fin aircooled condenser and Cu-Ni watercooled condenser for anti corrosive purpose. Package Air Conditioner, available aircooled and water cooled type. Air Cooled Type: 50,000 ~ 300,000 Btuh. Refrigerant R22, R407C and R410A. Water Cooled Type: 8 ~ 60 USRT.


Air Handling Unit

Double skin T1" with PU insulation and anti-cold bridge structure. Blower: Nicotra, Electric Motor: Siemens or TECO. Coil type: DX or Chilled Water. Medium filter and HEPA filter.



Chiller (Electric - Scroll, Screw and Centrifugal Compressor and Absorption Chiller - Direct Fire, Steam and Hot Water), Package Air Conditioner, Precision Cooling, Dehumidifier, Air Handling Unit, Fan Coil Unit, Condensing Unit, Ice Maker Production Line etc. We have majority product solutions for your need in HVAC&R. Air Shower, Passbox, Fan Filter Unit, BagIn BagOut Filter. Sheet, Piping and Piping Support.