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By: Adex  09-12-2011
Keywords: Industrial Processes

Optimization Products | Products

Our company’s ultimate goal is to spread the use of ADEX technology in industry in the most convenient and profitable way. Thus, our Systems Department is in charge of producing and improving software platforms that allow the development of ADEX systems for the optimized control of industrial processes (see the Systems & Platforms Section).

The concept of Optimization Product (OP) is derived from the generic validity of the control & optimization strategies (COS) used in an ADEX system that has successfully been applied to a process which belongs to a kind of industrial processes.

An ADEX OP may be defined as follows:

“An ADEX OP is a field proven software product that: (i) has been designed based on generic ADEX COS for a kind of industrial processes; (ii) allows optimized control of any process of said kind; (iii) takes into account the different specific features of the members of said kind; (iv) can be easily installed in any commercial control system; (v) usually requires a simple configuration of structure variables to personalize the application to each specific process within said kind; (vi) provides configuration and supervision ergonomic interfaces, and (vii) comes along with manuals for implementation, operation and maintenance.”

Our Applications Department is in charge of developing and improving ADEX OPs. This is usually the result of the experience gained in several applications to processes of the same kind. Sometimes this R+D effort may be done in collaboration with one or several client companies that have processes of a kind or with ADEX associated companies that might have interest in developing a particular OP.

ADEX OPs have been developed in different industries and descriptions of their application are presented as case studies in the “Industries” Section. They are listed by industries as follows:

  • Cement Mill Optimization System
  • Cooler Optimization System
  • Kiln Optimization System
  • Mix Advanced Controller (MAC)
  • Drum Level Optimization System
  • Steam Temperatures Optimizer (STO)
  • Naphtha Splitter Optimization System
  • Sulphur Recovery Optimization System
  • Biological Optimization System (BOS)
  • PH Optimization System

Keywords: Industrial Processes

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ADEX Toolkit for MathWorks’ Simulink | Toolkits | Products

The identification of each parameter is possible thanks to an associated number which can be obtained by means of the parameter search tool, which is available in the Help function of the toolkit. Once the ADEX toolkit has been installed in Simulink, the integration of an ADEX Controller in a process control schema of Simulink is fast and straight-forward.


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An ADEX Optimization Product is a proven ADEX System that has been designed for, can systematically be applied to and provides optimized control for a specific kind of industrial processes. ADEX, S.L. markets the Adaptive Predictive Expert control technology by means of two types of products: ADEX Toolkits and ADEX Optimization products. ADEX helps you put the control puzzle together.


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ADEX Toolkits allow users to better control their industrial processes by using industry-standard technologies for both pre-implementation simulation and actual process optimized control, by means of applying the ADEX control methodology. Some ADEX Toolkits are based on ADEXCOP 2.0 Compact Version, which consists of a set of dynamic link libraries which allow for the configuration and execution of ADEX controllers.