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By: Add-vanced Creations  09-12-2011
Keywords: Pallet

  • Stack pallets high with no shelving required
  • More product on a truck, reducing transporting costs
  • Stable pallets equals less damaged goods
  • More product in warehousing equals improved efficiency
  • 50%+ more product per pallet equals more product on retail space
  • No stocking time customers can shop right off the pallet
  • No cardboard waste reduced labor costs
  • Once the pallet of product is sold - that's it - just an empty pallet
  • Consumers love the format, leading to more sales
  • No cardboard boxes or trays required improving cash flow with no inventory / warehousing of corrugate
  • Fits 432 bottles or 1296 litres (342 US gallons) on a standard pallet
  • 50%+ more product per pallet maximize payload on trucks
  • Integrates into standard filling lines / standard caps
  • Safe and secure loads ensure no damaged goods
  • Maximized pallets will reduced forklift time
  • Stack pallets high with no shelving required
  • Packaging scorecard improved with your retailers

Keywords: Pallet