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By: Addénergie Technologies  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electronics, Extreme Weather

AddÉnergie charging stations are designed for climate robustness and flexibility of configuration. Every charging station is meant to operate reliably and safely for numerous years in heavy weather conditions and to fit to our customer’s exact needs and requirements. Benefits of AddÉnergie charging stations are:

  • Robust stations: Both mechanically and electronically, AddÉnergie charging stations are built to last and to function in extreme weather conditions.
  • Simple to use: AddÉnergie advocates the benefits of electric mobility, but is aware that the future of this mode of transport depends on the widespread acceptance of the vehicles and the infrastructure. This is why AddÉnergie offers simple, easy-to-use and managed solutions.
  • Safe: Being mass market products, AddÉnergie products meet the most exacting safety standards and have an added personal touch to maximize user safety.
  • Easy installation and minimized infrastructure costs: Infrastructure costs for powering charging stations can be very high, so AddÉnergie offers its customers systems that minimize these costs.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance: To improve the operators’ experience and to minimize maintenance costs, AddÉnergie offers a hosted charging station management platform managed by AddÉnergie or a proprietary version managed by an external operator.
  • Stations that suit your needs: Charging needs for the home, the workplace or the public or private sectors are different. AddÉnergie understands this and lets you customize your stations.
  • A smart network: AddÉnergie lets you connect charging stations to its smart network, simplifying the user experience.


AddÉnergie platform suits well for commercial, from parking lots and fleet owners to municipalities and corporations. Our solutions provide additional revenues to our customers and increased convenience for them and for their own customers.


AddÉnergie platform suits well for residential homes has it can be designed with a minimal set of features to enable owners of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle a safe and affordable charging of the vehicle at home.


In addition to its SmartOne™ and SmartTwo™ stations, AddÉnergie is also currently developing a line of level 3 charging stations, the SmartThreeTM family, based on advances in the field of high frequency power electronics, enabling it to be highly efficient and reliable, while remaining very compact and minimizing production costs.


The charging stations are smart, which makes control, management and client and station fleet operator interactions possible. Each of these stations can be connected via wireless interface to AddÉnergie global charging station management network. When AddÉnergie customers access this network, they benefit from the system functionality to control and optimize charging based on the consumption needs of their infrastructure, authorize or limit access to energy, measure energy consumed and perform billing. For users, the network offers access to around-the-clock customer service (1-877-505-2NRG), the location of charging stations via the Internet, a consumption history and the ability to pay for their charging.

Keywords: Electronics, Extreme Weather