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By: Adam Goodman  09-12-2011
Keywords: Bush Meeting

Over the past few months, both the US and Canada have managed to make it into China’s hot seat by holding talks with the Dali Lama or by selling military arms to Taiwan - two acts that the current Chinese government considers hostile actions.

In not so many words, China said that these acts are not welcome by the Chinese Government - but what could the Chinese really do?

Well, recently there has been some trouble with US Naval ships docking in China - three ships have been denied access to the naval port in Hong Kong. The Chinese government has come out and said that these denials, which were first declared a miscommunication, were a direct result of George Bush meeting with the Dali Lama and selling military arms to Taiwan.

There has been a ton of articles about the denial of access on the New York Times website (, , , and ), and there is another informative article on .

It will be interesting to see where this goes, and what, if any, actions happen to Canada.

Keywords: Bush Meeting

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