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By: Actualize Your Goals  09-12-2011

Communication is defined as the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information and ideas. There are two aspects of communication – speaking and listening. In this article we will be discussing listening. One of the most challenging tasks of being an effective communicator is being a good listener. This in fact is not an easy skill to develop. Listening requires you to be fully tuned in and focused on what someone else is saying. This may sound easy in principle but the fact is there are many ways to be distracted.

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Some of the reasons we may have trouble saying “no,” are because we want to be liked, may be afraid that others would get angry or upset, or perhaps we may have been taught to always be agreeable and give others what they want. The price we pay for doing “more” or too much is feeling overwhelmed and out of balance. Women in particular often have been conditioned to say yes to all requests. NO” is just a simple two letter word.


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At some point in our lives most of us will be working for someone else, so it is important to fully understand what makes our boss tick and how best to interact and influence him or her. Recognizing the factors which contribute to creating the most successful, powerful working relationship is a skill to be utilized throughout one’s career. How much attention have you given to your boss’s personality style.


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There are a multitude of books that have been written about the qualities of great leaders and certainly whenever there is an election, politicians are constantly evaluated in terms of their leadership potential. During job interviews, people’s leadership skills are an important consideration. Many companies want to hire people who they can move into leadership positions.


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Taking time out to laugh can help us to get rid of negative feelings and allow us to better concentrate on what we are doing,” says noted psychologist Dr. Ashton Trice of Mary Baldwin College in Virginia. T his article was written several years ago but the message is invaluable, particularly given the stress that presently exists in the workplace.


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Are you the type of person who looks after everyone else and puts your needs at the bottom of the list.


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It is someone who has the tendency to think their “values are best, not just for themselves but potentially for everyone.. Often they focus their attention on how to get others to change in order to conform to their values and beliefs. These individuals have the belief and expectation that people should behave and think exactly the way they do. Maybe you are wondering exactly what’s the definition of a self-hugger. Are you a self hugger.