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By: Actual Organics  09-12-2011

Sugar can disrupt the immune system

Many of you have a love affair going on right now but rather than a handsome man with a bunch of roses it is an addiction to SUGAR.

So what’s the problem?

Today sugar is consumed in vast quantities.

These seven steps are sure to kick the sugar habit:

Seek real flavours

Enjoy genuine flavours such as herbs, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables and garlic.  You don’t need sugar to add interest to your food, that is the game of food processors to hide less than optimal ingredients. 

Read labels wisely.  

Obviously steer away from sugar if it is on the ingredients list of a food.  The trouble is that there is HIDDEN sugar in foods not to mention the artificial sugars too, like aspartame- well that’s another story!

Sugar can upset your skin

Avoid, if at all humanly possible, fructose, dextrose, glucose, sorbitol, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and corn syrup.

Choose maple syrup or honey if you want to sweeten something.  Maple syrup contains iron, calcium and magnesium, essential minerals that some women are lacking.

Fall in love with your plate.

Wean yourself off sugar.

It is a habit and habits can be broken, honest!  BUT there is no point in starting if you are not in a place to quit.  That will only bring up feelings of guilt and that is no fun.  Craving sugar is a sign that your bacteria in the gut is slightly out of balance.  Nothing to be upset about, it is fixable and I know as I have done it.  The key is getting good probiotics into your diet, read on…

Gain control over your cravings

Probiotics can assist with sugar cravings

No more skipping meals! 

Try eating three regular meals a day, sitting down to lunch means you are far less likely to want to snack in the afternoon.  If travelling, remember to take your own snacks with you, as petrol stations and newsagents rarely have any healthy food, usually favouring the highly sugary, long-life commerce foods.

Great snacks ideas are: nuts, fruit or carrot sticks, a slice of cheese or cucumber sticks.  By not snacking on sugary foods your teeth will thank you!

Have a glass of water

If you feel hungry, have a glass of water first, often you can feel hungry but are actually thirsty.

Air conditioned offices can create dehydration in the body so a glass of water maybe all you need?  If still hungry, an apple or a slice of cheese is a great snack.  Snack bars are such a new invention, and many regardless of their jazzy labels are packed with sugar!


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