Activiser Ltd - CRM 4: Activiser Adds Mobility to CRM’s Native Service Scheduling

By: Activiser  09-12-2011
Keywords: Customer Service, Mobile Devices, field service

Activiser Adds Mobility to CRM’s Native Service Scheduling to Increase Productivity and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers demand – and deserve – prompt, professional service. 

Your field service staff has too much to do, and too little time to do it.

You need to increase efficiency, improve customer service, and reduce costs.

If you can not deliver, your competitors will.

Activiser provides a wireless and paperless link between Dynamics CRM and service staff in the field. Access to complete, real-time information enables service companies to exceed their clients’ service level expectations while optimizing the capacity of their field service resources.

Extend MS CRM to Your Field Workers and Enjoy

Increased efficiency: Deliver job orders in real time, directly to your service staffs’ PDAs. Complete more service calls with the same number of staff. Shorten your billing cycles.

Improved customer service levels: Respond faster to critical job orders. Optimize routing of service staff. Access historical customer data to help resolve current issues faster.

Reduce costs: Eliminate duplicate data entry. Minimize travel – and phone calls – to and from the office. Eliminate multiple site visits to complete a job.

Improve your existing processes: Activiser integrates seamlessly into your existing processes to improve – rather than change – the way you work. Activiser simply adds the benefits of mobility to the Service Scheduling functionality you use in Dynamics CRM every day.

Full support for Dynamics CRM v4.0 and Windows Mobile 6: Activiser supports Dynamics CRM v3 and v4. It runs on Windows Mobile devices version 5.x and higher. And it works with over any mobile data connection (WiFi, WiMax, CDMA, GPRS, 3G).

Know where your field workers are: Now with location support for GPS enabled devices, Activiser can tell you where your people are, and where they’ve been.

What Does This Mean For Our Customers?

Increased visibility: “Activiser enables management to easily access data on field technician productivity, invoicing cycles, jobs awaiting approval for invoicing, and much more,” says Sue Graham from local security customer, ‘Matrix’.

Improved customer service: “Our technicians are now able to respond to customer work orders as rapidly as our security officers respond to alarms,” says Ms Graham. “And they arrive on site with more knowledge about the customer and their requirements.”

Increased field technician productivity: “Five minutes after our call centre books a job, it is in the hands of the right field technician,” says Ms Graham, “without the need for him or her to visit the office or even to call for additional information. We’re able to complete more jobs – and do each job better – without increasing head count.”

Improved issue resolution: “Because the details of every job are preserved electronically, they are readily accessible to both our customer service team and our technical department,” says  Ms Graham. “Pending work orders are allocated dynamically, and completed work orders are available in an instant.”

Keywords: Customer Service, field service, Mobile Devices, Service Staff

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We don’t presently have a formal job tracking system, but we need one now to survive and to thrive. Our customers tell us we need to improve our communications and our customer service. We don’t want to lock up a lot precious capital in IT assets or in-house IT staff. T ry Activiser online through one of our hosted services partners. We need to optimize our billiable time to maximize our returns.


Activiser Ltd - Products

It efficiently and securely connects your mobile field service staff to your back-office databases and information systems, providing your business the power and functionality of a large job dispatch system. Activiser uses standard PDA’s and mobile phones to automate field service staffs’ paperwork and provide wireless, two way communication of job order and billing information between the field and the office.


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We need to add mobility to our field service organization, but we have too much money invested in our current dispatch and accounting systems to replace everything. Activiser supports your existing investment. Protect Investment in Existing Systems. It can support your tailored jobsheets. It can use you words and language.


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My administrative staff waste time every month chasing misplaced job sheets, manually verifying and entering data, struggling to keep track of where our service staff are and what they are doing at any certain moment. My field service staff lose valuable time every day coming into the office to pick up job sheets, making second visits to complete jobs, arriving on site without a clear idea of what needs to be done.


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With activiser you get accurate information back to the office – operations managers, project managers and account managers so they can resolve issues and communicate better with clients. Empower your call centre staff by providing them with the tools to keep your field service staff productive and on schedule. Activiser tm streamlines accounting & billing functions through seamless integration to your accounting package.


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Senior management is happy because we’re hitting our targets. Our customers are happy because we’re ahead of the game. Activiser took the paper out of my paper job sheets. Which Category does your business fall into.