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By: Action Pact Fitness  09-12-2011

Action Pact Fitness will guide you to help you reach your goals as efficiently and effectively as possible through proper nutrition and exercises that are right for you.

One of the most important building blocks you need to reach your fitness goals is proper nutrition.

Keeping a food journal is a great way to keep your head in the game and your hand out of the cookie jar. If you are writing down everything you are consuming, you become more aware of the quantity and quality of the foods you eat and how often you eat throughout the day. (more nutrition tips)

Just like a car, if you do not put the right fuel into your body, it is unfair to expect it to perform at its optimal level.

Building the right foundation is the key to making something last. When it comes to physical fitness, building a strong core is something that nobody should overlook. It is the basis of success for any of your fitness goals and without it (or at least, without a strong one) you are more likely to become injured and less likely to reach your goals.

Once the foundation is down, the framework can go up. Strengthening your postural muscles will not only help you perform exercises with perfect form, but will encourage confidence and poise throughout your day. Back pain may decrease or be prevented allowing you to perform your daily activities in comfort.

Training for function is the next step to building your physique. This will ensure you have full range of motion through your joints and are able to do everyday tasks easily.

From here you can start your sport specific training. This can be anything from cosmetics (body building) to agility and power training for hockey, soccer, dance, or any other sport OR, like many of my clients, just train for LIFE!

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Personal / Partner Training | Action Pact Fitness

Postural Analysis with exercises designed to correct muscle imbalance.• Stretching to increase your mobility, improve posture and help relieve aches and pains associated with tight muscles and muscle imbalance.• Abdominal Strengthening – to reduce back pain, headaches and bad posture and increase strength, endurance, stability.


Bootcamps / Outdoor Fitness | Action Pact Fitness

Julia has been described by her clients as “motivating, using gentle encouragement” as opposed to the military-bootcamp style “torture” that many people fear when they hear “bootcamp”. You will be provided with modifications for every exercise if needed, so you’ll never be left behind or feel like you’re not working hard enough. Action Pact Fitness uses a variety of exercises and activities to make the workouts fun and effective.