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By: Action Flooring  09-12-2011
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edmonton-flooring-products « Action Flooring

Our Showroom gets in new and different products weekly our showroom if forever growing, we always would prefer our customers stop by and see us, here is an overview of what you will see and some important information about the products you may be interested in:


As wood is a natural fibre, changes in the level of humidity of the room, in which you have installed your hardwood floor, will cause it to shrink or expand. This is normal and will not harm your floor as long as the humidity level is kept at a normalized level (between 28% and 40%). This can be easily accomplished through the use of an appropriate ventilation and humidification system.


All liquids and spills should be wiped off as soon as possible in order to prevent any possible damage. You may consider using area rugs to protect susceptible areas (around kitchen sink, at exterior entrances etc.). Please do not wet mop your floor. Standing water can harm or warp your floor.


Abrasive dirt such as sand, street dirt and cat litter can damage any hardwood floor regardless of the strength of the finish. However you can help protect your floor by using entrance mats and area rugs in high-risk areas such at entrances and doorways. Regular cleaning or vacuuming of these rugs will prevent accumulation of dirt and thus keep it off your floor. The same logic applies to furniture. Not only should felt pads be placed under the legs of the furniture standing on your floor but the felt pads should be cleaned regularly in order to reduce the risk of damaging your floor. High heels with narrow points should also be avoided on your floor. The tremendous pressure exerted by the tip can dent and scratch the surface.


The colour of your hardwood floor will mature with time and exposure to sunlight and this will cause it to change colour. Any area rug, which blocks out light, should therefore be shifted on a regular basis to keep the colour of your floor more uniform. A floor will change color once a rug is removed and left exposed for an extended period of time.


Your Hardwood Floor is easy to clean and maintain. We recommend that you regularly dry-mop and vacuum your floor to avoid the accumulation of grit and dust on the surface. Any conditioning or stain removal from your floor should be performed using products specially formulated for use on pre-finished hardwood floors such are sold at the store. This will ensure that they do not compromise the quality of your finish. Using general household cleaners on your floor may have a negative impact on the look and strength of your floor’s finish and void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Tile Floors should be regularly swept and cleaned with a neutral cleaner that is free of dyes that may stain your grout, natural stones should be cleared of sand and grit which can scratch the finish, sealer should be reapplied as necessary (depending on traffic) to keep the beauty of your stone for a lifetime.

Lino floors should be cleaned with manufacturers reccomnedded products to keep your warranty, if lustre is lost on an older floor stripper and finish is available for the wax free floors that we see in vinyl’s now. Marmoleum floors come with a finish on them that does not need to be sealed but if a higher gloss is preferred a finish can be applied to refinish a floor it should be stripped and a new finish applied, these can be ordered through our store. Regular floor cleaning should be done with a manufacturers recommended product once again available at Action Flooring.

Carpet should be vacuumed regularly with a good quality vacuum that lifts the pile of the carpet up, heavy stains should be removed by a professional steam cleaner (we recommend cleaning By Jack). Most carpets come pre-treated so additional stain protection (i.e. scotch guard) is not necessary.

Keywords: area rugs, Cleaner, hardwood floor